Panther Corporation Newsletter

May 2020 Edition

Be Well Indiana Resource for Families...Take a look!

I’m writing to you about a new resource we wanted to share from the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration and the Division of Mental Health and Addiction,

The Be Well Indiana initiative is currently focused primarily on resources to help Hoosiers manage their mental health throughout the COVID-19 crisis, including links to trusted news sources, tips for staying healthy and safe at home, access to addiction recovery support and more. As the pandemic situation changes, Be Well Indiana will adapt and shift focus to address the most compelling mental health issues at the time. This site and initiative will remain a trusted, reliable source for Hoosiers, curated by DMHA and its partners, to find access to special programs and essential resources. You will also find videos featuring medical experts and other practicing Indiana clinicians addressing specific mental health topics.

We invite you to explore and share this resource among your communities. Follow FSSA on Twitter at @FSSAIndiana for the latest updates. You can also read and share the press release issued today by FSSA to announce the new site.

Click here to visit

Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4 - 8)

As we head into next week's eLearning time, please take a moment to THANK our wonderful teachers for all the hard work, dedication, and time spent to educating our youth! Some of them have dedicated years while others just began. However, through these challenging times, I can guarantee our teachers will continue to do their best to ensure that the assignments and activities are engaging and allow the students to finish this year stronger than ever!

If you wish to take next week to show your gratitude and thank them, please do so! I know many of us will be sharing our appreciation as well!

Week of May 4 - 8

Griffith Public Schools is eLearning this week! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your child's teacher and/or principal. Griffith Public Schools remains closed until June 30th per Exec. Order.

Textbook Fees

We have been receiving many voicemails regarding textbook fees. Please know that the fee deadline has been extended until July 1st. If you should have any questions, please reach out by email to Ms. Linda Bishop at She is at home working and will answer these emails in a timely fashion. Thank you!


Please know that in the next week you will be receiving information about graduation, caps and gowns, pick up of locker items, etc... Today, the IN Superintendents received notification and guidance from Indiana Department of Education regarding virtual and socially distant graduations to ensure a safe environment for graduates, staff, and families. We are busy digesting the information and determining if our plan needs to be altered in any fashion. Also, we are waiting to hear Gov. Holcomb speak this afternoon as well. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and remaining strong! Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!
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Trying to Get These Ducklings Moving to Their New Home!

Mental Resources for Parents and Families


If your school corporation is in need of immediatel mental health supports in the coming months, please feel free to contact us in regards to our: Student Assistant Programs, Employee Assistance Programs, Stress Debriefing, and Skills Coaching counseling services. We can provide these statewide through telephone or by video software. For more information on what a Student Assistance Program may look like for your school, please visit this Bowen Center link.


For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Bowen Center, Indiana’s largest Community Mental Health Center, and what we have been doing to help Hoosiers across the State of Indiana during the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit this link for recent news reporting from WRTV (RTV6 – Indianapolis) on how we are helping schools and communities.


Attached in today’s email are examples of Bowen Center’s Mental Health Moments that you are free to share with your students, families and staff. Feel free to post digitally. We hope that these pieces of information are helpful many families and students are searching for mental health tips and skills they can practice now. One of the situations most families are encountering is how to manage the stress of a pandemic and how to talk to our children about COVID-19.


If your school corporation would like more help in the coming months, please feel free to contact me in regards to our counseling services and we can begin the discussion to find out how we can assist you. For more information on what a Student Assistance Program may look like for your school and seeing a list of the schools we serve, please visit this link:

Simply reach out to me if you would need more information or have any questions about our Bowen Center Statewide Counseling Services.

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