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August Stella & Dot News

Bringing Hoopla Home!

Hello Team!

Welcome to August and let's get ready to "Rock the Summer Challenge"! More on that later - I just wanted to touch base with you about my take-aways from Hoopla this past July in Vegas. It was my third Hoopla since I've been a stylist with Stella & Dot, and by far, the best one I've ever attended. I LOVED being in a the Paris Hotel with 3,000 of my Stella Sistas all decked in their S&D. I learned a whole bunch of new ways to wear old styles (and new) and it was just a really amazing event of sisterhood and bonding!!!

I took notes at every session I attended - and while I don't have them in a cohesive order - I just thought I would share some of them with you.

  • Our Stella & Dot Foundation - we have given away over 1.4 million dollars to our foundation charities - Girls Inc., BuildOn, AccionUSA - be proud of the fact that we give back in so many meaningful ways.
  • Keep a Seasonal Activity log - rather than focusing on your month to month - focus on your season - do 15 trunk shows a season if you can - that's 4-6 a month if you want to be a consistent and "stellar seller".
  • Where do you shine your light? - Shine it on the positives and successes and not on the negatives. Don't spend time on things that aren't working! "Don't let the time it takes to do something great daunt you - the time will pass anyway!" Place your bet on YOU!!!
  • If you'd like to promote a "Career Level" then do the following:
  1. Talk about Stella & Dot to EVERYONE! Your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, kid's friend's parents, EVERYONE!
  2. Hold trunk shows with seasonal consistency. Think about your calendar in advance and block out when it won't work and when it will.
  3. Embrace weekly prospecting for booking consistency.
  4. Follow up with past hostesses and customers to book trunk shows and to offer the stylist opportunity.

  • To Create Loyalty:
  1. Establish the connection with your hostess and/or customer
  2. If it is worth doing - then do it WELL with WOW.
  3. Little things matter - so everything matters.
  4. Follow up!
  5. The power of 1% - Improve what you do every day to create customer loyalty by 1% - every single day!

  • Goal Setting
  1. Share your long term goal with EVERYONE - your family, your kids, your friends and get them invested in your business. And talk about your goals all the time!
  2. Embrace enthusiasm - if you are smiling and you are excited about your business and your goals and your plans for the future - your enthusiasm for your business will be contagious. Smile when you are talking to someone on the phone about hosting a trunk show or about joining your team. People can "feel" you smile, even if they can't see you! And they get it even more in person!
  3. Be positive about your business goals and spread the S&D joy - we don't want to be selfish with what we have - we want to share it! Spread the joy!

If you haven't had a chance to watch this Hoopla video - then take the few minutes to watch it now, and then pledge that you will NOT miss next year's Hoopla in Orlando! If you want a game-changer - then you need to attend this event! You will come home with a whole new perspective about your business and what you want to achieve in your life. Watch it here:,1hcWhxZDrsUEdSY_4Rr8WMMq2Ij1lK80

Check it out here:

I love the new Dottie Trunk Show assistant and the new card-reader! This is definitely taking the trunk show check-out experience to a whole new level! There are payment plans for as low as $29/month with no finance charges! Why wouldn't you invest in this for your business??? Stella & Dot is constantly and consistently finding new ways to increase our trunk show sales and at the same time giving us the ability to give exceptional customer service to everyone that we come in contact with! Talk about style and selling on the go - you need to get the Ipad and the App! It WILL increase your sales!!! Please message me if you have any questions - this is a "no-brainer" for your business! And it's a write-off!!! :)

August Hostess Incentive

What a great August booking incentive!!!

August is the last month of the Summer. Before everyone gets absolutely crazy with back to school events in September, and all of the crazy Fall sports events and practices, follow up with your dream hostesses and book an August trunk show with them. Your hostesses will thank you for the extra hostess rewards and the time they get to spend with their girlfriends before the dog-days of Summer come to a close. It's just a very easy, casual two hour style session with their best girlies - a little wine, a little style - and we do all the work!!! Get those August trunk shows booked - and talk up the opportunity to anyone you think might be interested! This is a GREAT month for trunk shows for hostesses AND customers with the August Trunk Show Treasures!!!

August Stylist Incentive

So Here's the Deal for the Lilly Pulitzer 17 Month Agenda

Girls! I need some good MOJO coming out of you for August! This is a FANTASTIC month to hold trunk shows - we've just launched our new Fall Collection - the new bags/totes/travel bags/tech cases/scarfs and jewels are selling like gang-busters! All of the schools start in September - you NEED to get your Mom friends to book a trunk show in August and to get those trunk show bonuses!!!

For those of you that qualify this month ($500 Retail) you will get business supplies from me.

But I will have this awesome 17 month Lilly Pulitzer agenda as an incentive to anyone that is able to reach 1,500 PCV this month (that is $2,308 in retail sales). This boosts your sales commission from 25% to 30% - why wouldn't you strive to get that every single month? Just make it your goal to always get that 30% commission. These agendas are fabulous and they are a conversation starter at all of my check-out chats. Invest in YOU and earn your incentives!!!

I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you on what level incentive that you are going to go for! And of course I'm always here to help you along the way!