A letter from your Principals!

Greetings Schlegel Families,

December is here and everyone is quite excited about all the joy the month brings! We hope you are planning to join us for the Winter Concert on Thursday, December 13 at 7 pm performed by our fifth-grade band and orchestra as well as our fourth and fifth-grade chorus. Students have been bringing in mittens and hats as a way to show a giving spirit to students in need. What a wonderful example of Schlegel students helping others.

Please be sure to note the Capital Project vote on December 11. There is more information from our Board of Education as you continue to read the Safari.

We wish you a wonderful last month of 2018 and a fabulous 2019!

Francine Leggett & Robin Jennings

Principal and Assistant Principal


Whisker’s Wellness Corner

4 Ways to Make Holidays Better for Kids from Child Mind Institute (

It’s easy for children to be smitten with the magic of the holidays. Fun presents. Extra sweets. A vacation from school—there’s a lot to like. But with the freedom and excess of the season, sometimes kids can get a little carried away. For most families, there will be a point when the kids get overtired and cranky, or greedy about presents, or would rather play a video game than talk to Grandma. Here are some tips to keep kids happy and ready to enjoy whatever the season brings.

1. Gifts, gifts, gifts: Getting presents is a high point of the holidays for any kid, but they shouldn’t be the only focus. As adults we know that giving presents can be just as rewarding as getting them, and we shouldn’t wait to teach that lesson to our children.

Even when kids are too young to buy a present, they can still make one, or help you pick out something. Some of my best holiday memories are of helping my father look for the perfect gift for Mom, or combing the mall to look for presents with my siblings as we got older. Volunteering, participating in a local toy drive, or giving each of your kids a little money to give to a charity of their choice are all great ideas for getting children in a more generous mood.

Also, remember that the best gifts that you give your children probably won’t be the material ones. Taking time for the whole family to get together to play a game, watch a movie, or decorate sugar cookies—these are the things that kids remember as they get older.

2. Let them help out: There’s a lot of extra work to do around the holidays — putting up decorations, cooking big dinners, throwing parties. The Martha Stewart in all of us can take over, but it’s important to take a step back and make sure our kids are included, too.

Children can help set the table, decorate the house, and wrap presents. If they’re too young to wrap, they can help by holding down the paper or getting the tape ready — there’s always something kids can do. And at holiday time, the preparations are often as fun and as meaningful as the end product. Plus, this way kids won’t feel left out — or be glued to the iPad for hours.

3. Keep routines: We love the holidays because they give us a break from the everyday, but that can also make them stressful, especially for kids who find routine comforting. Try to keep some things constant. Kids still need snack time, they still need special attention from you, and they still need a chance to unwind before bedtime.

At family gatherings when they notice the kids are “getting antsy,” psychologist Rachel Busman says she and her sister give them their baths, get them into pajamas, and turn on a movie. “We know when they need to wind down, and no one judges us for excusing ourselves from the table to do these things,” she says. “In fact, my sister and I enjoy some great conversations during this time.”

4. Remember they’re kids: Some holiday traditions depend on kids being on their best behavior: lengthy services, parties with lots of strangers, elaborate meals that may not appeal to picky eaters. Try to keep those to a minimum and customize festivities for your kids’ frustration level. Don’t schedule more than one demanding event in a day, and make sure to include physical activity and plenty of downtime. Your kids will be grateful — and so will you. Rachel Ehmke is managing editor at the Child Mind Institute

  • Life brings changes - Confidential support is always available for your child(ren) to assist through transitions of any kind. In addition, we can help in finding support for community resources your family may need. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Joan Riesenberger Diana Gugino-Sullivan

School Social Worker School Psychologist

(585) 217-4753 (585) 217-4723

Be sure to note the following on your Calendars!

12/13 Winter Concert 7:00pm

12/24 - 1/1 Winter Recess

A Note from your School Nurses


A reminder about Pertussis (Whooping Cough): Pertussis is always present in the community and usually starts to increase about the same time as the flu. If your child develops a persistent cough that becomes worse over time, he/she should be evaluated by his/her physician so that the appropriate tests are performed and treatment is initiated.

Pertussis most often occurs in infants and younger children who frequently acquire the disease from older siblings, adolescents, and adults who have a mild disease. While Pertussis most frequently occurs in unvaccinated or under-vaccinated children, it also occurs in school-age children and adults who have had the recommended Pertussis immunizations.

For more information:

Hearing and Vision Screens

We have completed hearing and vision screening for kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 5th grades, and students new to the Webster School District. The purpose of these screenings are to identify children with potential visual/hearing difficulties that may affect learning ability and school adjustment. If there was an issue during the screening, you will have received a referral letter with the results and will need to follow up with your child's pediatrician for further evaluation. Please return the referral form to the health office with the doctor's findings. Please feel free to contact the Health Office if you have any questions about vision and hearing screening.

Physical Exams

Per New York State Requirements, we have requested updated physical exams for students in Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades. If you have not already sent in a physical exam, please be sure to send in a copy or have your child's doctor's office fax it to the Health Office at (585)216-6023. If your child is in 2nd or 4th grade and had a physical exam in Sept. 2018 or after, you can send a copy into the health office and this will meet the requirements for the 2019-20 school year.


Kristen Estelle RN BSN

Rachael Rock RN BSN

Schlegel Road Health Office

(585) 216-6023

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports aka PBIS

Whisker's Pride

We would like to celebrate the following students for being recognized in November. These students received a personal note on a postcard that was sent home in the mail, their names were announced during morning announcements, and their picture is now hanging on Whisker's Pride wall. We are looking forward each month to celebrating our students who show CARE-cooperation, accountability, respect and excellence.

Here they are: Max H., Charlotte D., Liam L., Elena G., Jackson, A., Adriel B., Landon M., Nedim O., Leo F., Sarina C., Isabelle K., Brock H., Jonathan N., Ema O., Aaron R., Lorelei S., Drew C., Josette P., Lillian M., Sam P., Cohen R., Raegan R., Truth S., Savannah R., Matthew H., Evelyn S., Kaelyn, H-B., JohnZae G-H., Avery G., Lexy B., Lila S., Quinn P., Vincent P., Casey F., Amelia S., Zoey T., Marlee P., Frankie R., Nate K., Caleb C., Reagan P., Maddie T., Sasha K., Isaac Z., Beatrice H., Cooper V., Jack Q., Zoey S., Maggie M., Brooklyn C., Hunter G., Sean M., Asher C., Liam J., Marleigh D., Carrigan R., Charlie T., Amelia T., Nina F., Maria D., Scarlett B., Ryan J., Sanjay L., Stephen D., Thomas J., Annabel D., Leah E., Khimere J., Nathan H., Sharyn W., Cam P., Jayden C., Lucas E., Carter C., Reagan N., Luke M., Isaiah L., Veronica V., Kristina L., Callen, D., Johnny T., Sierra R., Lily R., Olivia M., Michael G., Meghan Y., Qymyl C., Jacob B., Alex W., Lilly N., Lorelei C., Holden P., Mya B., Maryonna S., Marleigh D., Maiya J., Adam S., Rishi D., Sanjay L, Stephen D., Annabel D., Macena K., Amari M., Avery V., Vincent P., Grace K., Emma L., Hunter G., Aurora S., Abigayle B., Delaney M., Adelyn H., Luke M., Deanna D., and Drew C.

We also want to share that our students are showing great manners in the Dining Room. Each class has reached 3x filling the jars and were provided the opportunity to have lunch on the stage. This was so exciting for all of them!! Such an honor to be eating on the stage for all to see their excellent manners.

Big picture
Big picture

Staff of the Month for December

We'd like to nominate Erika Bellenger for staff of the month. Our son did not start first grade identifying as a reader and would read reluctantly at home. He says that Mrs. Bellenger taught him about perseverance and resilience which helped him to realize he is a very good reader. She pushed him to choose books that were more challenging and interesting to him in order to help grow his confidence. Since the summer, he reads every single day at home, in the car, and spends several hours a week at the Webster Public Library. We're so thankful to Mrs. Bellenger for instilling pride and self-assurance in our son.


Another super successful Schlegel Road Craft Show took place on Saturday November 3rd! This PTSA sponsored event supports our entire Schlegel Road community, and it could not happen without the dedication of the amazing staff & volunteers who commit to this day! My deepest & sincerest thanks to:

Laura Bennett, Ron Resch, Hope Kilmer, Ben Cook, Kathy Moss, Debbie Jackson, Marcy Dungey, Jill Mancini, Karen Vance, Stephanie Dalton, Jenny Hryhorenko, Courtney Freeman, Vicky Black, Cynthia Carlton and (my mom) Dolly Kujawa

Kim Kozlowski- Craft Show Chairperson

Staff of the Month

Nominate your favorite staff member