Green Living

By: Jordan Harris

Use your dishwasher:

You can save more than 30% of water by simply using your dishwasher instead of cleaning the dishes by hand. Take advantage of the appliances that you have. They are great appliances to have because the clean and dry your dishes. Why wouldn't you use it?

Recycled counters:

Recycled counters are a great way to become eco friendly and still look stylish. These counters are simply made from recycled materials that were not used or discarded. These counters can be made beautifully and can still serve its purpose of helping you in the kitchen.

Use rags:

By simply using a rag to dry your hands of clean something up, you can over time save a lot of money and trees by not using paper towels. This is a simple way that you can change your life style for the environment and still feel good about it. Just wash them often and have others on hand and you are set to go.


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