becoming an astronaut 🚀

By : Jasnam & Keleisha 😎🤓

What would a typical training program for Canadian Astronauts include???

Astronauts should be able to fly the NASA T-38 training jets.Astronauts also take classes in their classes they learn other things besides science .The NASA company want their Astronauts to have at least a bachelor 's degree in engineering , biological science,physical science or mathematics .Their height have to be 62-75 inches.Their blood pressure should be at 140/90 measured in a sitting position .

What are some basic training skills astronauts need to know? Pick 5 to share.

Astronauts should be able to fly the NASA training jet ,survival training ,photographic equipment, robotics scuba diving and first aid.

During training astronauts must learn about dextre.what is a dextre??

A dextre is also called a special purpose dexterous manipulator { SPDM }.A dextre is a two arm robot which is a part of the mobile servicing system on the international space station {ISS}.

What are some skills that astronauts are expected to maintain at all times?

They have to make sure that they are healthy and functional.They have to exercises to make sure that they have enough muscle and bone mass.Things they need to eat and drink to stay healthy;a cup of cereal,2 cups of veggie,1 1/2 cups of fruits,3 cups of milk ,meat ,beans fish ,nuts and 6-8 glasses of water.