Are Endangered Animals...

Worth Saving?


Over the years, many animals have become endangered and even extinct because of how the world is growing. Many scientists and volunteers have spent their time trying to help and save the animals so they can reproduce and prevent a part of history from going extinct. Scientists are trying to protect the endangered species act, which prevents plants and animals from becoming extinct. There are over a thousand species that are endangered and very close to becoming extinct.

Pros with saving endangered animals

  • Keeps part of Earth's history
  • Keeps the food chain going
  • Maintaining Biodiversity
  • Gives us more knowledge that can benefit the planet and our understanding of how our Earth works
  • Could help save the species that don't have problems
  • Resources for scientists to use in order to help the animal's habitat

Cons with saving endangered animals

  • Costs money
  • Wastes time
  • Effects natural cycle of life
  • Hard to breed animals
  • Could risk an animal's life
  • Saving one species could kill another


Created By: Chloe French and Nicole DiMartino