A Cry For Help

By: Katie Long

Tens, hundreds, thousand, millions all dead from hunger. Hunger in Africa affects over 15 million children a year. A little over 12.4 million Africans living in Africa are in serious need of food/nutrition.

Step 1

Africa is having the worst drought they have ever had in over 60 years. Water is scarce and so is food. It affects people in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, East Africa and South Africa. (ncm.org)

Step 2

Its a problem because over 15 million children die every year. Africa will soon have nothing left of its population. Water sources dry up because of the drought. This happens in most of Africa but particularity Kenya. Kenya is expansive and difficult to access which makes food relief groups difficult to find. (world relief, Global Issues, The atlantic)

Step 3

The economy has declined rapidly because they aren't making farming money. It also causes decline in global trade, a drop in investment and possible cuts in foreign aid.

(global issues, FCP state gov, Action-aid USA)

Step 4

Oxfam has been sending people out who have been repairing wells, and water pumps they are also improving water storage reserves and are training maintenance volunteers. When no other good options remain, Oxfam teams bring in water from other regions. They are also providing aid to more than 2.8 million people affected by the crisis in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya, including small scale farmers, the urban poor and refugees. (Oxfam america, Voices of youth)

Africa is in desperate need of attention from both mother nature and humans. Their economy is failing and even though people are helping, they cant make rain come back. Never hate rain because someday if you don't have it, your country could end up just like Africa with little to no rain. Millions of people die everyday and plenty of others are living in poverty. Hunger affects many people so don't take your meals for granted,