Faith can always give you hope

From "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven" By David Baker

Quote 1: "I went to heaven"

This quote was said by a little boy named Alex, who just got into a car crash. He said that God sent angels to sit by him right after the crash occured. Alex was worried about his and his father Kevin's health, but the angels said that everything was going to be alright. This relates to my theme of faith can always give you hope because Alex was worried that himself and his father might die, but the angels gave him hope that everything will be ok. This quote came from page #13 in the book "'The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven."

Quote #2: "Will I ever see my boy again"

This quote was said by Kevin right after the car crash occured. He was not worried about himself, but he was only worried about his sons well-being. He realized that Alex was on a helicopter that was about to take off. He begged the nurses that he be with Alex, but the nurses denied his wish claiming that he needed to get checked out himself. Kevin was worried that he would never see his son again, but the nurses said they would pray for him. Kevin was calmed down by the nurses telling him that, which prompted Kevin to pray himself. This gave Kevin a slimmer of hope, and the hope was given to Kevin through faith, which relates to my theme. This quote came from page #17 in the book.

Quote #3: "Angles are helping me"

This quote was said by Alex when he was in a coma. He was in a coma for 2 months after the crash occured. Although he was very young, he understood that he might pass away shortly. His parents were also preparing for the worst. His parents would pray for hours everyday while Alex was in a coma. Alex said "Angels are helping me." His faith gave him hope that he would survive, and it also gave his parents hope that Alex would make it. Hope was given to the family through faith, which relates to my theme which is Faith can always give people hope. This quote was on page #114 in the book.

Part 2: Current Issue that reflects my theme

Who: Donald Driver, who was a proffesional football player in the NFL who recently retired from the league, as well as a neighbor named Mrs. Johnson of his when he was about 12 years old.

What: Driver was very troubled as a child. His dad was in prison, and his mom was trying her best to support thier family, but she had trouble doing so. So a neighbor helped out Donald and his family through thier hardships. Donald believes today that God chose Mrs. Johnson to be their neighbor, which gave him hope as a young boy that he would succeed in life

When:Around 1987, when Donald Driver was twelve years old.

Where:It was in a neighborhood in Mississippi, which was very close to the college that Donald would eventually get a football scholarship to, which was Alcorn State Univeristy.

Why:Donald needed guided on the right path as a young boy, and Mrs.Johnson was able to do that for him. He still believes to this day that God picked Mrs.Johnson to be his neighbor.

How:Mrs.Johnson was aware of Donald Driver's situation, and she was willing to guide Donald on the right path as a young boy.

Part 2:Connections to my understanding of "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven"

This story on Donald Driver hepled conribute to my understanding of my novel in a couple of ways. First off, it showed me that faith can give many people hope. Donald Driver didn't know if he would ever get on the right path as a kid,but faith gave him hope that he would. It also made me understand how much hope faith gave Alex's family because although Donald was in a bad situation, I don't believe that it was as bad as the sitution that Alex's family was in.

Part 2: Connections to my understanding of the Theme

It helps because both the Donald Driver story and the book i read have a similar theme, so it gives me more perspective. It also shows that faith giving you hope can be expressed in so many different situtations. The Donald Driver stoy really did contribute to my understanding of the theme faith can always give you hope.

Part 3: Connections to my life

My mother had apendicicits when i was 6 or 7 years old. At the time I was so young that I thought if you went to the hospital you would never come back. So I prayed for my mother, which gave me hope that she would eventually get out of the hospital. She did, and I thanked God for letting her heal enough to leave the hospital. At the time, faith gave me hope, which is what i believe is the theme of "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven."
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