The 6 Traits of Writing

Alexis Flockhart


Excellent writing that has a clear message,purpose, or focus

  • Choose a topic that interest you and the assessment.
  • make sure you include important detail that has facts,example,statistic,thought and feeling.


Effective writing that has a clear beginning,middle,and end.Overall it is very easy to follow along.

  • Topic sentence
  • Main ideas
  • Detail
  • conslusion


Most award books are the one that show the writer opinion or voice.

  • Write in the way that keeps the reader wanting more
  • show rather then tell

Word choice

Good writing that has strong words.

  • use a thesaurus
  • use exiting words
  • use specie adverbs or nouns

Sentence fluency

A great writer always makes sure that his or her sentences flows from one to the other.

  • combine short choppy sentences into one lager one
  • use a vary of sentences that vary in lenght


Good writing is check carefully for mistakes.

  • use the evaluation sheet
  • edit using cops and( I don't mean a real cop!)

The writing process


Brainstorming is a great when you need to come up with your topic or anything else like what you want to put in your paragraph. Also you can use this outside of school if you and a friend want to do something and don't know what. It also it can help you organize.


This part is really just getting your thoughts together from your brainstorming.Also you sort of putting it together like i want this to be close to the end because it's cool.You also want to remembered that this may seem like it does not help but your friends and teacher could probably guess that you skip this; as well as any other one.


Now that you pick your first and last sentence and got your details in order get writing! But don't worry this is just your sloppy copy. So don't worry about spelling or period's well get to that later.Now get writing!


You may think that prewriting is like fixing sentences and word and all that good stuff. But actually its fixing ... punctuation YA you might think. It is alright if you fix a few thing beside punctuation but don't get in over your head.


Now we get to work with the fun stuff not that this wasn't fun in the first place right but now we can fix the wording ,sentences, and anything else. And remember to also make sure your sentences flow and ask a few friends if they like it BUT trust worthy friends I would ask my parents; not friends there learning to they might not know it either .


Now you can turn in your paper in with confident and a smile!

Writing Process

Write Tools

T -table

The t-table helps you write you write your paragraph really all you have to do write your 4 or more yellow,8 red, and two green! Wait let me explain this to you yellow sentences are your main ideas you pick a sentence like peanut butter is good( that's your yellow sentence).Because I like nuts.And my mom loves them.Those are your red sentences. The green is your first and last sentence.

Core 4

The core 4 is ,your number sentence means it has a number in it, your question sentence,situation stance, and your really simply sentence. This helps you pick your first and last sentence good luck!


Transitions words are your words that work really well if you use them in any kind of sentence. These words are one that can help you with your number sentence. A couple of ,a few,many, one ,two,three and oodles be careful with oodles the!

Main ideas

Main ideas are your starter sentence not like your first sentence but your starter for a big idea.They are your starter for a new BIG idea. Have fun.


Details are the one that follow after your yellow idea their the one explaining why or what or sometimes even a shocking fact. But reminder that you need 2 for each big idea.


A conclusion is your last sentence the one saying that's a rap or better this why I like.This one should also have a lot of meaning to it if you just say that is why I like bla. Say that is why I am so like bla so much by! See so much better than the other one.