Gay Rights and Marriage

Alyssa Levitt



-Same sex marriage was illegal, and homosexuals did not get the same rights as heterosexuals.

-Homosexuals believed their civil rights were not given to them.


-First gay pride march was in DC, in the year of 1976.

-Protest for their rights, and wanted to eliminate bans on same-sex marriage.

-Encouraged gay individuals to declare their sexuality.

-Wanted to improve how the media saw homosexuals.

-Made signs, and chanted about free love.

-One of the biggest protest happened in front of the Supreme Court buildings, the LGBT community protesting against Christians.

Effects of Protest

-Homophile organizations were created protested against police harassment.

-More and more states made it legal for same-sex marriage.

-Some opponents thought that if same-sex marriage was legal, other marriages would be too.


Assessment Question:

Throughout their protest, the participants demonstrated their belief system by quoting things historical people said, looking into their rights, and by quoting the bible. By quoting MLK "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.". MLK says that love is stronger than hate, and in the protesters argument they believe that too. When they look into their rights, it says "all men are created equal" which is true, it should not matter who you love. Also, in the bible it says god is forgiving, and says god loves everyone.. and if that's true, it shouldn't matter who you love.

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The Gay Rights Movement Part II

Gay rights movement.

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Clash of views on gay marriage at Supreme Court
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