By: Cody Lindbloom-period D

what exactley is globalization...

globalization is the process of people interacting with other people and the four categories of globalization.

the four catagories of globalization

economic- it increases the integration and independence of national, regional, and local economics across the world.

technology- it has a huge impact on the world it changes the way we think/act it also motivate us to get further in technological advances.

cultural- all of the other types of globalization are inspired by this category.

environment- with the help of globalization we have saved many lives with environmental discovery's.

my product is an xbox 360

with my product most of the parts are made in different countries like china. after the parts are made they get shipped to Kansas city were the parts are put together to make the Xbox work. finally when the Xbox is made its get shipped again out to different countries were the Xbox is put into gaming stores like Gamestop.

when was the xbox first produced and showed to the public

the Xbox went live on MTV and was first relieved on may 12 2005. it was launched world wide with its first time of having an online service. while still allowing the gamers to be able to connect a PC to the Xbox and live stream games that they are playing. the Xbox 360 took many years to make because of all of the adjustment that have been made and all of the improvements to, like wireless controllers bigger hard drive storage and a kinect to be able to play without using a controller and be able to stand up and play. as the first generation of Xbox 360 came out it was white and was really bulky but they upgraded to make it have internall storage and be able to stream faster and better games with higher graphics.

my products parts

some of the parts made for the Xbox 360 are made in different counties. like the display driver, the cooling fan, and the power display are made in china. while the Ethernet cable is made in japan. the USB is made in London. the gigabits are made in mountain, horn-brook-hilt. the hard drives made in USA. the headset is made in to different places its made in New York USA, and Washington DC. more of the cooling fan is made in Australia.

my claim with globalization

i use the four types of technology every day to get my day going with starting my day with technology to wake me up aka my alarm clock.

geography and globalization, 15 years

in 15 years i think that it will change the way i function because new types of technology are coming out every year so it will be different and that in 156 years the job that i want will require technology to be able to get what i want to get done.