Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote

The show is being broadcasted on the Star Maa (a channel of the Star India Private Limited) channel every day at 9:30 pm IST and at 9 pm on the ends of the week. The show will keep running till 100 days and highlights sixteen members.

The greatest USP of the Bigg Boss reality indicate lies in its extraordinary idea. 16 members are good to go to live in an uncommon home. In their residency of these 100 days, the members have no arrangements to interface with any other individual. The house does not have any methods for correspondence. As the show goes on, one of the members needs to go out. The

housemates have the arrangement of choosing two of their kindred contenders. The hopefuls who get the greatest assignments will be shortlisted and show up in the peril zone. The gathering of people vote will at last choose their destiny.

Consistently one competitor will be demonstrated the exit. At long last, it comes down to three to four individuals as it were. Amid the finale, another round of voting cycle chooses who will win the title. The end rule is exclusively on the group of onlookers votes. Anybody watching Bigg Boss 2 Telugu can vote in favor of their most loved member through missed calls and internet voting.

After the voting cycle closes, the competitor who gets minimal number of votes should exit from the Bigg Boss show. The voting comes about are pronounced on Saturday by the host of the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu appear. The rest of the members will proceed with their stay at the Bigg Boss house. Everybody stands an opportunity to be designated for expulsion, and it slowly comes down to a chosen few individuals as it were.

The choice of Star India Private Limited is last. They have the rights to change the voting system in the event that they wish. The host of Bigg Boss 2 will disclose the voting system to the group of onlookers amid every scene of the truth appear. At this point, you more likely than not got the hang of things on the best way to make your valuable choice. On the off chance that you choose to vote in favor of a member who isn't shortlisted (in the threat zone) for that week, your vote will be pointless.

The sole motivation behind the voting technique is to spare the shortlisted applicants from expulsion. Watchers, who vote, will be completely doing as such at their watchfulness. Star India Private Limited does not offer any prizes for the voters.

Definitely, your vote can decide the destiny of the contenders playing the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu amusement to win. Rush! You have all the data readily available presently, so begin voting in favor of your most loved competitor and spare them from ejection.

Ganesh is the main ordinary person challenger of the season to go into bigg manager house. Hailing from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, He is as of now filling in as a RJ. To vote in favor of Ganesh check the above bigg supervisor telugu voting numbers.