About Me

Selase Buatsi

Quick Facts

  • I was born in Ghana
  • I am the oldest of four girls
  • I lived in Irving before living in Coppell
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Interests and Pass Times

News and Current Events



Favorite TV Shows:

  1. Criminal Minds
  2. Project Runway
  3. America's Next Top Model
  4. Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition
  5. Chopped (Food Network)

Extra-Curricular Activities

Track and Field

  • 100m open
  • 200m open
  • 4x100 relay
  • 4x200 relay
  • Long Jump


  • Original Oratory

Favorite Subject


I actually enjoy any class that has to do with persuasion and the brain so I am expecting psychology to be a fun/interesting class.

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I am a visual learner so I can better retain information when I see words or a representation. I learn best when I have the information I need to know in front of me and I am able to apply what I learn (preferably through practice questions).