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Inspire Excellence in Education [February 1, 2016]

8 Ways Teachers Can Talk Less and Get Kids Talking More

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Do you find your self repeating the same thing over and over? Do you catch yourself answering your own questions? Do students wait for you to answer or "save" them from struggles? A teacher from New York, Angela Watson, shared practical ways for encouraging students to talk more, think more, and reflect more.

I encourage you to reflect on how much time you intentionally plan for purposeful student talk time this week.

This and That

  • Look around the hallways, there are so many excellent student work posted that are the end results of rigorous instruction. Take a moment to compliment other students' hard work and creative thinking!
  • We have the most dedicated and amazing teachers here at Dixie. I know so many of you tutor your students before and after school, because you want to help our students learn and close the achievement gap. For the month of February, any teachers who tutor before or after school get to wear jeans on the days they tutor. It's just a small token of appreciation for your time and hard work. Thank you!
  • Kudos to Coach Johnson and Ms. Foster! They have worked so hard for the PE Showcase! Our students did a great job and truly shined for Dixie.


Regular PLC this week

Specials Rotation: Week A

2/2/16: Staff meeting - Testing Security Training 3:35 Library

2/3/16: School Counselor Day

2/8/16: New Teacher Learning Circle 3:30 pm

2/9/11: Team Leader Meeting 3:30

2/11/16: District New Teacher Event (Plyler) 4:30-6pm / Spring Picture Day

2/16/16: PBIS Meeting 3:30 pm

2/18/18: District 3rd-5th Grade Level Chair Meeting (AM only)

2/23/16: Team Leader Meeting 3;30

2/25/16: Spring Musical Performance 6pm (2nd & 3rd grade)