😸Why cats are better then dogs😸

😸Cats vs dogs🐶

Four legged friends are the best! But I'm talking about the ones that say "meow". You know, cats! Felines! The way they "purrr" and make you feel loved by rubbing against your leg. There's nothing better! Some say dogs are a man's best friend, but I'm here to say thats wrong! Cats are better than dogs!

😸Cats bring health❤️

How would you like to save money on medication? Yes! Then buy a cat! Get this, owning a cat actually has health benefits? According to Future Medica, a blog focused on health care and biotechnology, owning a cat can lower the risk of cardiovascular, reduce risk of haert attack, inprove your immune function, decrease chance of developing allergies, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and many many more! So, cats are not only fluffy and loveable, they bring you health. Who wouldn't want that?

🐶Put that dog in the doghouse!🏡

You know why cats are better than dogs? You don't have to take them for a walk. Dogs reauire lots of exercise but cats do not. That's easy! Also, cats can also give them selves a bath, dogs can't. Giveing a dog a bath can take a lot of time and it's a messy job. Cats are able to clean them selves so that saves time and a big mess for you.

😾Pesk control🕷

Our felines friends are the best pesk control. They are food at getting rid of mice and rats but did you know that they are good at getting rid of bugs?! They fear bugs, and will get rid of them if they get in your house. They will attack a pesky fly or a crickit. If it's spots a spiter it will attack it and get rid of it. The cat is agenst the whole insect kindom.
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😺Why I think cats are better then dogs🤔

I think cats are better then dogs is because to me they are more cute and I like the way they parrrrrrrrr and say meow. Cats live longer then dogs do, and I have three at home.