Will to Survive

No Promises in the Wind Theme Poster

Book Title

The title of the book, "No Promises in the Wind", relates to the will to survive. 15 year old Josh and 10 year old Joey decide to leave home because they feel unwanted by their parents. They had never been on their own before, so they had no idea what to expect. Everyday they lived in fear, not knowing what could happen to them at any moment. Their worries mostly revolve around eating and sleeping, sometimes going for days without either and growing weak each day. But even though they have nothing to permanently depend on, they try their best to survive.

Conflict and Outcome - Man vs. Society

Throughout the many months Josh and Joey were on their own, they struggled in many ways because of society. The story took place in the 1930's, when the United States had a high rate of poverty and unemployment. Their father, Stefan, had lost his job and tried to find whatever work was available, but it was very stressful on the family. Although they knew the risks, Josh and Joey decided to go out and find a job to make a living for themselves. They used their talents in music to get a job in a circus, which gave them a good amount of pay to survive until the day day came when the circus had to close and they were on the road of unemployment again. After many people said they should head back home, they finally did. On the train ride back Joey said, "After all we've been through, I guess we can handle Chicago." They encountered many problems that could of torn them apart, but they did what they could for each other and survived.

Character's Remarks/Actions

Joey is 10 years old and the youngest of the family. He looks up to Josh, loves, and respects him. At first, Josh didn't want Joey to go on the road with him, but with the convincing of Josh's best friend Howie, they allowed him to come. Joey has a natural talent for singing which he uses to get jobs and survive while out on the road. Everyone loves Joey because he is a sweetheart and shows kindness to everyone, but he wonders why Josh dislikes him so much.

Josh on the other hand, is 15 years old, and feels like no one cares about him. Ever since Joey was born, he felt unimportant to his parents. His father had always put him down or made a lecture out of everything he did, and never let him have freedom. Stefan didn't understand Josh's love of music, specifically piano, which really angered Josh. So when Josh had enough of feeling mistreated, he decided to leave home and find somewhere he felt he could actually belong, some place where people would really appreciate him.

Contrasts Between Characters

Josh and Joey have many differences which carry along through the story. When they were at home, Josh neglected Joey a lot and tried ignoring him as much as he could. But Joey didn't understand that and still loved his brother. When Joey had first come on the road with Josh and Howie, there were many times Josh was doubtful of him. He thought Joey was weak and wouldn't be able to survive. But as the days went by, Joey got stronger, and proved him wrong. Josh learned to love and cherish Joey, and they created a strong brotherhood between each other which would last a lifetime.