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Southern Accents | Mon 9/15 - Sun 9/21

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We're in this together!

I've had the opportunity to speak to many of you the past couple weeks, and the overall conversation has been that summer did a number on us, and we're getting our heads back on straight, ready to kick start our businesses, but aren't quite sure where to begin. SO, I've decided we're all going to do a Team Restart. Just like working out or eating better...you don't need a new year to begin, just a new day!

So, let's start now and pace together...
THIS WEEK: I want you to pretend you just signed up. Find that enthusiasm, refresh your potentials list and reach out. Who expressed interested in the spring, but was too busy with end-of-the-school-year excitement and summer plans to be able to nail down a date? They should be a the top of your list, as should anyone who hosted this time last year, anyone with a wish list, or any new friends you've met over the summer. (I find that doing warm up emails/texts on Monday, telling them I will CALL THEM THE FOLLOWING DAY and then doing so, is working well. It lets them know they'll be hearing from me, holds me accountable, and allows me the chance to have a date on the books and initial hostess coaching conversation, or Opportunity information to them before the week is out. )

SECOND: Have a tracking system in place. I use Excel and list both my potential hostesses and Stylists (with contact info and notes) by the month they have expressed interest in, or under "No Date Yet" if they have not. Whether you are a pen and paper girl, or prefer electronic lists, make sure you're keeping track of who you're talking to.

LAST: Don't just rely on Facebook or email. These are excellent warm up tools, but you really do need to have a phone call. We all get inundated with email and text messages, and despite our best intentions, sometimes don't respond for a week or more. With a phone call, you can make sure they have heard the enthusiasm in your voice, and it really brings back the traditional customer service that people appreciate. Plus, you're likely able to get an answer much faster instead of waiting in frustration for an email response.

Race to Associate Stylist

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Give yourself a taste of leadership!

Not only will following the above steps help fill your fall calendar, it's going to help you promote to our newest career rank, Associate Stylist. Some of you already have a team, and some are just starting to bring others on board. This is attainable for EVERYONE, and it will help you earn added income through coaching commission! Jenny and Kelly are offering the first 50 Associate Stylists their own dog tag charm personalized with their placement number. Three have already hit it, and I'd love for many of those 50 to be Southern Accents!

Associate Stylist
$1,200 personal retail
(1) qualified Stylist leg ($500 retail)
$3,000 combined group volume
*You can see your team's progress on your new reports dashboard and under Team

What are the perks of promoting to Associate Stylist in September?
Promotion and PAY RAISE! 6% coaching commissions for 1st line
1,000 bonus points for Glam Getaway for your promotion to Associate Stylist
1,000 bonus points when a newly sponsored stylist hits her jumpstart
1,000 bonus points when a newly sponsored stylist promotes to Associate Stylist
1,000 bonus points when any leg on your downline also promotes to Associate Stylist

How to Earn: Building Associate Stylists with Leadership Development Director, April Price
Date: Monday, September 15th
Time: 2pmPT/4pmCT/5pmET
Password: stella
Dial In: (855) 749-4750
Access Code: 669 854 397
Join your Leadership Development Director, April Price, on this informational webinar to learn everything you need to know about our enhanced compensation plan. This 30-minute session will include inspiration from a Field Executive, with tips on how to maximize the comp plan and build Associate Stylist Legs, followed by 30-minutes of comp plan Q&A. https://www.facebook.com/events/840953619268776/

new compensation plan

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There's never been a better time to earn with Stella & Dot! S&D is really designed to work when you work it. Here are all the details:

Stylist Career Levels
Lead Stylist
$500 PQV and 1 Qualified Leg $500 PQV

Associate Stylist - $1200 PQV and 1 Qualified Leg. $3,000 GCV

Senior Stylist - $1500 PQV and 2 Qualified Legs. $6000 GCV

Star Stylist - $2300 PQV and 3 Qualified Legs + 1 Associate Stylist Leg and $12,500 GCV

3 ways to earn with stella & dot

1) selling

Personal Commissions

Power sellers can earn an extra 10% and an extra $5-$10k year now. We always earn 25% on what we sell. Now when you sell more, you'll earn an extra power seller bonus. These are monthly:

Sell $2300 in a month: 25% + 5% = $30% commission

Sell $5000 in a month: 25% + 7% = 32%

Sell $1000 in a month: 25% + 10% = 35%

Earn Free Product Credits

When you sell $500+ in a month, you'll earn 2% of your PRV in business supply credits.

Sell $500 each month of a quarter and get $100 product credit for the next season.

Sell $5000 in a month and get an instant $100 in product credit.

Earn Discounted Product

All stylists that sell $250 in the previous 3 months get 50% off the new line sampling.

Sell $2,000 in the previous 3 months and earn $500 in product credit for $99, plus 50% off sampling. Star stylists and up that sell $2,300 every month of the previous quarter and get double ($1,000 for $198.)

2) sponsoring

Stylists who start with a friend not only have more fun, but they are more successful and stay longer. Everyone can go out and sponsor someone to promote to Associate Stylist. A leg is formed every time you sponsor. If ANYONE in that leg, any line deep, sells $500 that becomes a qualified leg. The HIGHEST pay rank of anyone in that leg becomes the TITLE of that leg.

Jump Start

Every time you sponsor someone who promotes to Associate Stylist in their Jump Start that's $500 in product credits for you! (You do not have to be in your JS).

- $300 in product credit for every stylist you sponsor and JS qualify

- For those in JS - $100 Quick start bonus when they sell $1,000 in first 30 days.

- By sponsoring, you'll ensure you continue to have qualified legs. A qualified leg is anyone on your downline that has sold $500 PQV. Now with the new plan, working with anyone on your downline that wants to promote is profitable.

3) Promoting

Promote YOURSELF Bonuses

The first time you promote to Star you'll get a $500 Star Stylist bonus! Promote to Associate Director and get a $750 bonus! Bonuses range from $500-$50,000, depending on career levels.

Promote YOUR TEAM Bonuses

Earn $75-$125 a month per leg, the 1st 12 months of that leg. Leaders build other leaders. To earn the bonus, you must be the pay rank or higher of the leg, so this is for Associate Stylists and up. Ex: For every Associate Stylist leg, get $75 a month that they qualify. $75 x 12 = $900 extra a year, per leg. Imagine how many legs you could be earning on simultaneously!!

Generation/Leader Development Commissions

Star Stylists earn infinitely deep on all lines. Coaching groups and bonus pool groups. Everyone between you and a Star is your personal generation. 1% on Stars entire downline. Then her Star becomes generation 2. Rewards leaders for developing other leaders.
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tools you can use

september tseos

Don't just tell your guests these are half price once they spend $50 or more. Have them pick a favorite piece or pieces from your display, and you'll let them know when they're eligible for the discount. Chances are, they'll be eligible with one item!

September Sign-On Bonus

It's back! New Stylists will earn an additional $100 in free product of their choice (that's $450!) Get them signed on NOW so they can make the most of this super successful selling season!

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and every year, we give 100% of the proceeds from several pieces to the Noreen Fraser Foundation. Customers can order (and help the cause) between 9/17 and 10/31. Reach out to your potential hostesses and book a Breast Cancer Awareness show, or post a "I supported..." image on the social media page of a customer who purchases! Here are some images to help!

Holiday Line and Sampling Dates

Breast Cancer Awareness & Fall Second Chance
(September 16 - September 22)

(October 7 - October 16)

Charms (November)
Specific dates and FAQs will be listed on the Product Launch page in October!

Spring Capsule (December):
Specific dates and FAQs will be listed on the Product Launch page in November!

Spring (January):
Specific dates and FAQs will be listed on the Product Launch page in December!

Top in Sales to Date

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1. Annie Brinker $345.42

2. Katie Pyo $296.28
3. Megan Shoup $277.28
4. Quynh Nguyen $247.70
5. Lori Fetterman $219.40
6. Amber Lipple $153.73
7. Annalisa Milano $128
8. Julie Smith $65.50


Home Office Training Calls

30-minute calls almost every day of the week, including a webinar for Prospective Stylists every Thursday! Choose which ones work for you and hop on!
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Richmond, VA
Save the Date - Richmond Fall Training
The Westin Richmond
Monday, September 15th
6:00pm Meet Stella & Dot/Style Event
Register Here
7:00pm All Stylists Training
Register Here

Mclean, VA
Mylo's Grill
Monday, September 15th
7:00pm Opportunity Event
Register Here
7:30pm Team Meeting
Register Here

Newport News, VA
Tuesday, September 16th
Cover Tavern
6:30 Meet Stella & Dot
Register Here
7:00 All Stylists Fall Training
Register Here

New York, NY

Tuesday, September 16th
Archstone Chelsea Gallery Level
6:00 Meet Stella & Dot
7:00 Fall Training
Register Here

Virginia Beach, VA
Sunday, September 28th
Total Wine & More
11:00 Meet Stella & Dot
11:30 Fall Training
Register Here


Join me for an observation show!

Thursday 9/18 - Brambleton, VA
Thursday 9/25 - Brambleton, VA
Thursday 10/9 - Brambleton, VA
Sunday 10/26 - Broadlands, VA
Thursday 11/13 - Brambleton, VA

I'm here for you! Contact me anytime!

Annie Brinker, Star Stylist