Tech Tip Tuesday Edition 46

MSD 25 Instructional Technology 2022-2023

Changes Coming to YouTube!

Teachers will notice some changes to YouTube when they return after the Winter Break. Beginning Tuesday, January 3rd, teachers will have to approve some YouTube videos for students based on age restriction. More information regarding age restrictions can be viewed HERE. This new security will help to prevent students from accessing and watching YouTube videos that are not approved by a teacher. It will likely be the new content or content from smaller providers that will default to blocked status so teachers will have to allow if they desire students to get to certain videos. Below you will find a link to more information on approving YouTube videos. There is also a video below that demonstrates how teachers can approve individual videos or videos from a particular YouTube channel. Please keep in mind that once a video is approved by any teacher, it will be approved for viewing for all students in the Marysville School District. We are hoping this new feature will prevent students from accessing videos during important instructional time. Also, this feature will apply to students' accounts both inside and outside of school hours. Feel free to contact Amy Hooper, Instructional Technology TOSA, with any questions regarding these changes: or ext. 20188.
Approve YouTube Videos and Channels

Secondary Teachers Only!-Canvas Use Survey

Instructional Technology is teaming up with the department of Teaching and Learning to analyze the usage of Canvas at the secondary grade level to help us make an informed decision for the 2023-24 school year. Please take a moment to complete the survey linked below.
November Tech Tip Reminder to Turn Off TVs, Etc.

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