The Manager as Coach

It is important to define what is required of a manager when performing the role of coach. In order to do this, it is useful to examine all management activity of which there are three keys areas.
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These three activities are complimentary and are required to help you achieve your business objectives, by enabling your team to perform at their best.

When you are leading, you create and share a vision of the future with your team and ensure that their activities are consistent with bringing about that change.

When you are managing, you deliver results to the organization by controlling the work of the team, by agreeing and monitoring such things as budgets, timescales and quality levels.

When you are coaching, you support your team members in their learning, to enable them to develop the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to successfully deliver their job responsabilities and goals.

The circles in the diagram overlap because some of the processes and skills that are used in one area are also used in another.

Problems arise when the manager is not clear about which approach is appropriate in a particular situation. For example, if a coaching approach is used when deadlines are tight or a crisis has arisen, precious time may be lost. If a management approach is used when a team member has made a mistake, the learning opportunity will be missed and the mistake may be repetead.

English Means Business

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