The Dojo

Jermaine and Sheila Co.

What we have in stores

We sell all kinds of consoles new or retro, as well as video games,computer games, Magazines, and accessories. If your consoles or games are just gathering dust trade them in for a game or money. This is also a place to just come and hangout and play games on display or the arcades around the store, also there are tables for card games as well. The store will be two stories. downstairs will be the actual store, and upstairs will be the lounge area which will have all the gaming stations and couches where you can read your gaming magazines.


We plan on selling retro and modern games and consoles when we first open.

Then we plan on expanding what we wish to sell to Gaming magazines (game informer, Nintendo power, game pro, etc.) our store will be located at the plaza in the Salmon Run Mall, in Watertown. In five to ten years we plan on spreading to the west coast and try to have our store all around the US and online.

Games For All Ages

we will have games with all ratings. we want to have a store where EVERYONE in the family can find their guilty pleasure. also we will have games that are for families, so there will be a lot of fun multiplayer games for all consoles. there will be Mature games, only people 17 and up can purchase unless it is approved by a parent or guardian.
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Staff needed


store manager

shipping manager


office manager

Chief financial officer


we are open every day from 10:30 am till 9:30 pm except for sundays and holidays.


Arcade Machines: $2,000 - $2,500