Ocean biomes

By: Carol P. , Jack G. , Victoria S. , Chris C.

Botanist- Plants

Over one million species of plants and animals have been found in oceans, plus scientist believe there may be close to nine million species undiscovered. Through photosynthesis marine plants and algae provide a lot of the worlds oxygen and take in very big amounts of carbon dioxide. one main type of algae is kelp. kelp is very important because it does a lot of things.It provides shelter and food for a lot of sea creatures.kelp is also used by humans for toothpaste and ice cream. another important plant is phytoplantkton. Phytoplankton provides the earth with almost half of its oxygen

Zoologist- Animals

The earths ocean has most of the planets biodiversity. Animals that live in the ocean have to live in unique living situations, like the ocean is salty and most of the times it is dark and cold. The Angler fish uses this to its advanteage, by luring it prey with a light producing bacteria. When the pery is drawn to the lure, it captures it with its big mouth. Most marine animals have blubber to keep them warm in the cold. The ocean supports all animal forms big and small. The blue whale is the biggest animal on earth, blue whales are so big that a small person can fit in their main arteries and 20 people can stand on their tounge.

Meterologist- Weather

The climate in the ocean is mostly varied. Like it's the largest biome in the world the varies from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to over 100 degrees. The average temperature is 39degrees Fahrenheit . The closer you get near the equator the warmer it is & where the water can get sunlight. Where the coldest temperature is located are at the south & north poles. Also it's cold where there's no sunlight . This biome is very harsh when comes to weather due to the ocean currents, hurricanes and typhoon. The wind takes a big role on weather it creates large ocean waves.

Geographer- Maps, location

The marine biome is one of the largest out of all. The marine biome covers 70% of the earth.the five main oceans are Pacific, Atlantic, Idian, Artic, and Southern. The largest ocean is the pacific ocean. Humans have only explored 10% of the marine biome. 90% percent of the ocean is completly dark and recieves no sunlight. There are many different ecosystems within the ocean depedning on conditions such as water temperature or the nutritions. More than 80% of the world's habitats can be found in the marine biome.

A good place to surf will be at the indian ocean because the waves there are fantastic and big

A good places to go scuba diving will be at turks and caicos Caribbean it has calm water and colorful marine life there this is the third largets coral reef system you will have dramatic wall diving here.