Grant Gazette

November 20, 2020

Grant Elementary School

Principal: Colleen Berkhahn

Phone: 715-261-0191

Email Address:

Secretary: Erica Taylor


Email Address:

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Brrrr..... It's getting cold outside

Be sure to come to school dressed for the cooler temperatures.
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Important Attendance information

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GT Nomination Request Below

Birthday Bags

IF YOUR CHILD HAD A BIRTHDAY IN SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER OR NOVEMBER-----AND IS A VIRTUAL LEARNER----a Birthday Book Club bag is available for them! They will be available the evening of November 19th when the Apple Pie Parfait supplies pick-up is being held-3:30-5:30 at Door 1 OR contact me at or (715)261-0201 to arrange a pick-up time.

Wausau School District Book Bowl 2021

Individual, Virtual Competition Registration is open to Wausau School District Students in grades 3-5. On February 11, a link to the quiz will be sent to the WSD email provided in the registration form at 5PM. Students will have 2 hours to complete a 60 question multiple choice quiz based on 20 books. More information, including the book list, can be found below and on the WSD website.

Thursday, February 11, 2021 5PM – 7PM

Please use the following link to register by February 4, 2021.

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iPad Insurance

Please remember, if you have indicated you wish to accept the WSD iPad insurance, but have not sent the $10 (per device) payment, please send cash or check (made out to WSD) to the school office. Just a reminder, if payment is not received or insurance is declined; families assume the full cost of any and all repairs caused by misuse, abuse, or accident.

Grant In-Person Policies & Procedures:


  • School Hours: 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM - Monday through Friday

  • Parents should call Mrs. Taylor, at 715-261-0190 by 9:00am when a child will be absent from school. This applies to all VIRTUAL and IN-PERSON students whose home school is Grant, even if their virtual teacher is from another school.

  • Please note: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the WSD will not be allowing visitors into the buildings. Parents will not be able to accompany their child to the classrooms

Morning Routine:

  • Parents can drop off their children as early as 8:15

  • There will be no before school recess

  • Students must enter through the main entrance (Door 1) with a mask on

  • There will be no supervision provided before 8:15


  • Students who need breakfast will pick it up on the way to their classroom

  • Breakfast will be eaten in the classroom at their assigned desk

  • Breakfast is free for all Grant students for the 2020-2021 school year


  • A free hot lunch will be available to all Grant students
  • Students will have a choice between the hot lunch or an alternate lunch choice which includes: a bagel, yogurt & string cheese
  • Milk is included with the hot lunch choice and the alternate choice
  • Your child may choose to bring a cold lunch from home
  • If sending a cold lunch to school with your student, it MUST NOT CONTAIN NUTS or any product made from nuts

WSD Lunch Menu


  • Dismissal will start at 3:25
  • The door students exit out of will vary by grade (See Below)
  • 3:25 - Kindergarten will exit at door 4, then through the gate on the primary playground
  • 3:25 - 1st Grade with Mrs. Mertes will exit at door 2
  • 3:25 - 2nd Grade will exit at door 1
  • 3:25 - 4th Grade will exit at door 3
  • 3:30 - 1st Grade with Ms. Parent will exit at door 2
  • 3:30 - 3rd Grade will exit at door 1
  • 3:30 - 5th Grade will exit at door 3

                Mask policy:

                • All students will be required to wear a mask while at school.

                • Mask lanyards will be provided for each student during the school day.

                • Ensure that you have extra face coverings for your child at home that could be washed or changed out daily.

                • Acceptable face coverings: cloth or paper coverings that contain at least two layers and cover the nose and mouth, per CDC guidelines.

                • Unacceptable face coverings: face coverings without two layers, face coverings with vents or holes, gaiters, and face shields without a mask underneath.

                • Staff, students and visitors will not be permitted to wear a face covering that contains references or content related to: alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, sexual acts, profanity, promotion of gambling, illegal drugs, disruptive symbols of hatred or intolerance and/or gangs.

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