Prayer Postcard

Joelle's Monthly Prayer Letter

'When an egg has been smashed it cannot be put it back together again.'

Marya and Yuth are brother and sister [I have changed their names due to the sensitive nature of this story]. They became Christians at our Bible Study about 7 years ago. Right from the beginning Marya and Yuth showed great promise. They had an incredible grasp of Gods Word, would ask insightful questions and went on to share the gospel with the rest of their family - many of whom are now also Christians. Both Marya and Yuth continue to be strong Christians, but when I was back in the UK for three years, Marya fell out with the Khmer Church and also with her brother, Yuth. It is still unclear to me exactly what happened, but when I tried to have a conversation with Marya about it, she got upset and quoted an old Khmer proverb: 'When an egg has been smashed it cannot put it back together again'. Every culture has its stumbling block, but this is a particularly harmful one for the Khmer Church. Many Khmer Christians continue to live by this old proverb, refusing to forgive one another and work towards reconciliation when they have fallen out. Marya and Yuth are two of my most precious Khmer friends. With Gods help, this smashed egg can be put back together again. Please pray for us as I seek to mentor Marya and encourage reconciliation.