Stop-Motion Animation Workshop

Tricia Fuglestad

View this movie to find inspiration for using Stop-Motion Animation and Green Screen

Learn more about this green screen stop motion lesson here.
Green Screen and Stop Motion

Animating Ourselves

(stop-motion animation, collaboration)

See this idea for an all class stop-motion animation.

See this idea for using objects in stop motion vids.

This post has directions for an all class stop motion idea.

Movement over Movement

(stop-motion animation, green screen over original art)

See the post of finished artwork and animations.

See the post about our stop-motion green screen animation stations. Download the green screen stop motion lesson from TpT here.

See this movie explaining the process.

See the updated version of the lesson here.

Clay Animation Collaboration

(animation, sculpture, collaboration, problem-solving, visual thinking)

Watch this super short video of students working collaboratively to make their clay bunnies (inspired by Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Were-Rabbit) boogie. They created this with still images.

(Use iPad for quicker results)

Large Group Clay Animation

(introduction to stop-motion animation, movement)

See this post where students learned to create penguins using model magic clay. After they completed the sculptures they were introduced to stop motion animation with a simple large group gross motor animation.

Monster Dance Party

(stop motion animation, collaboration, music video)

View my post from the all-school STEAM night where families had a monster dance party.
Find examples and directions here.

Here is a post using this technique for a 3rd-grade creativity challenge.

Keith Haring Inspired Stop Motion Animation

(Keith Haring, complementary colors, action poses, stop motion, animation, movement, storytelling)

See this movie and this post to learn how to use my Keith Haring inspired stencil to create a fun and fast stop motion creativity challenge.

Snowman Progression Animation

(animation, progression, stop-motion, storytelling, sculpture)

Find out how to use progression or replacement stop-motion animation technique to show change, movement, or growth, in a magical way with this post.

Paper Cut Stop Motion Animation

(digital storytelling, stop motion, overlapping, scenes, illustration, movement, expressive voice)

See this post and watch the finished stop motion animation using paper cut and animated.

Cardboard Whirligigs

(stop motion animation, movement, layering, shapes, pattern, folk art, kinetic art)

See my post for resources, template, directions, and ideas for how to transform a piece of cardboard into a whirligig that moves with stop motion animation.

See also cardboard Robots and Whirlybugs and Color Monsters.

Whirligig Jig

(whirligig, green screen, stop motion animation, layered effect)

The artist interacts with their whirligig cardboard creation in this green screen and stop motion layered video effect. Learn how here.

Magic Carpet Ride

(symmetry, pattern, perspective, green screen, imagination, world landmarks, paper cut animation)

Use my post to learn how to make a patterned carpet that you can magically fly over the wonders of the world like Aladdin. This post show two approaches: Digital drawing over a digital animation and a paper cut stop motion animation.

Stop Motion Animation Creativity Challenge

(stop motion, visual illusion, collaboration, creativity, communication, animation)

Challenge your students to harness the magic of stop-motion animation to create an illusion. See this post for examples of progression animations and magical videos.

Flying with Your Snowman

(green screen, shading, storytelling, stop motion animation, cityscape silhouette)

Students fly with their snowman like in the story by Raymond Briggs. See my post for all the steps and resources.

Stop Motion Emotions

(Color Monster Book, Social Emotional Learning, monochromatic, visual texture, self-regulation, stop-motion, animation, expression, movement)

Students learn about feelings, colors, and movement in this Color Monster inspired lesson. Learn more here

Stop Motion All-School Challenge

All K-5 were given the challenge to explore a basic technique of stop motion animation during our remote learning days. See this post for all the tips.

Lip Sync Portraits

This is a super fun way to have students make a portrait and apply what they know about syllables and speech to create an engaging stop motion animation.

See this blog post.

Make it Move it: Clay Fish

See this lesson for all the steps needed to take a lump of air-dry clay and turn it into a swimming fish using stop motion animation.


See this lesson for all the steps needed to transform two sheets of cardboard into an expressive robot that moves with stop-motion animation. Take the lesson further by learning to apply drawn animation over the video to make it light up.

Tricia Fuglestad

NBCT K-5 Visual Art Teacher, MATL in K-12 Tech Integration, PBS Teacher Innovation Award Winner 2010, Illinois Art Teacher of the Year 2011, Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction 2012, NAEA Western Region Elementary Art Teacher of the Year 2013, Jacobs Educator Award 2014, NAEA Art Education Technology Outstanding Service Award, 2016, ISTE TEN Technology in Action Award, 2018, Artsonia Leadership Award, 2019

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