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This Week's Barista: Sara Ballon

April 12, 2016

On this day in 1811, the first US colonists on Pacific coast arrived at Cape Disappointment, WA. Why is it named that? In 1788, while searching for the Columbia River, English Captain John Meares missed the passage over the river bar and named the nearby headland "Cape Disappointment" after his failure. Just be glad you don't live in these horribly-named towns:

Toad Suck, Arkansas

Boring, Oregon
Belchertown, Massachusetts

Roachtown, Illinois

Shot One: Smarter Searching

Search Strategy Webinar

Here is a link to a great webinar on teaching students how to "search smarter". It's especially excellent for 4th Grade and up. It's even more excellent for you if you struggle to find information on the web that answers your questions quickly and correctly. Watch and learn!


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Every Child, Every Day

One blog I really love and subscribe to is

According to its website, "TeachThought was founded and is directed by Terry Heick, an author and former classroom teacher interested in rethinking how we think about K-12 teaching and learning. One of the underlying principles of TeachThought is that leading should result in personal and social change, and that its modes and design can be planned backwards from that kind of consideration. Their content, professional development, and all related work are driven by that approach."

Recently, Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D, shared this graphic on the site and also through her blog, User Generated Education, on Twitter (@jackiegerstein), and on numerous other web media channels. I thought it would be great to share. If you are interested in a deeper discussion of these gifts you can give students, you can read her article (with great links!) here.

See you next Tuesday!