Barrett News

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dear UMAC Parents,

We were SO happy to see the warm sun today and have warmer temperatures. I was so proud of how well my team continued on their academic adventures even with several days of indoor recess!

Next week throughout our literacy, we will be introducing a fairy tale unit next week. To enrich our reading and writing activities, we are asking students to bring in a favorite fairy tale from home if possible. Since all of our UMAC and fifth grade classes will be studying this genre, there will be a limited supply of texts to check out in the library. (This is completely optional, but if you have a few books you would be willing to share throughout this unit, they will be returned in four weeks.)

**Please also see the note about the Valentine's party in our Upcoming Events section since it will be held at a different time due to our Early Release Day.

Have a nice, long weekend!

Michelle Barrett


New Friends: Our new friends have learned how to measure angles using the full & half-circle this week. With our understanding of acute and obtuse angles, this has made this new concept less challenging. Division continues to be a strong focus throughout this chapter. Our team should be proud of their diligence towards learning this concept!

Old Friends: Our old friends were using a variety of graphs this week to determine the trends and data that were presented. Percent circles were a favorite since our team shared how it was interesting to view the percentages presented.

Upcoming Events:

Monday, January 18- No School

Friday, January 22- History Alive Chapter Test!

**Please make your calendar! Our Valentine’s Day party will be held on Friday, February 12 @ 11:00! We ask that if your child chooses to bring in valentine’s to share with the class, they bring one for everyone in the class. :)