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North Washington Elementary School

September 16, 2016

Friday... and a Full Moon

In case you need reminding, it's Friday! Would anyone have guessed that tonight is a full moon? Actually, tonight is the full harvest moon eclipse. It might be something special to watch for with your little ones.

A huge thank you for getting all of our teacher webpages updated! Since the teacher webpages are the only place we are storing pacing guides, it is important that they house the most recent version. Please remember to update your teacher webpage pacing guide as you make adjustments during the year.

I know it has been a busy few weeks. Thank you for your time and focus. Our kids are blessed beyond measure by your commitment! Remember, we have 2 weeks until fall break! We can do this!!

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Mrs. Mattingly and Mr. Hudson say, "Great Job This Week, Team!!! Enjoy Your Weekend!!"

Halls of Learning: Student Work Displays

I love how our hallways have begun to fill up with student work! These unique student products demonstrate cognitive engagement for our students. I see teachers and visitors pausing in the hallways to read them. I wanted to share a few with you!


Our first family learning night is scheduled for September 29th from 5:30-7:00 for our K-3rd grade students. We have over 50 students registered! :) We are so excited about this opportunity to get these kiddos ready for a successful year. We need volunteers to help manage learning stations during this Olympic themed event. Please e-mail me if you are available to assist with this event!

Focus on Cognitive Engagement: The Stand Up Game

I have seen the Stand Up Game used as a strategy for review. the teacher begins with a topic such as "Westward Expansion". A student names something that is related. The teacher begins to web the ideas. The next students may add on to the topic or branch off of the sub-topic. This is a great formative assessment as it allows the teacher to identify areas that students may not have understood.

Focus on Formative Assessment

60 Techniques: Checking for Understanding

My favorite formative assessment activities are ones that involve students in demonstrating their learning with others. By listening to their conversations with one another I gain great insight into where they actually are in their learning.

I see many of you using these types of strategies such as gallery walks and Four Corners, just to name a few. This resource has a quick list of 60 techniques for formative assessment that you may find interesting. How many do you already use? Are there any that will compliment your grade and content?

I would love to share out some of the great formative assessment strategies that you are using in your classrooms! Send me an e-mail, pictures, or video. Or even better invite me when you are using a strategy that I can share! We have an amazing amount of talent in our building! :) We have so much we can learn from each other!

Commander Day Lessons

Several folks are beginning to work on Commander day lessons.

The lessons will need to be updated, even if you are reusing last year's. Make sure that you complete the new cover sheet. The cover sheets will not go home with students this year. That means that directions will need to be clearly marked on the student pages. When you save your lessons the file name should include the course name (grade level and subject) and lesson number.

For example: Commander Day 1.Grade 8.Social Studies

I would encourage you to label the student pages with the day of the lesson and content. For example: Commander Day 1 Grade 6 Math.

Follow the links below to access your folders or go into VClass:

Elementary Commander Day Folder 2016-2017

Middle School Commander Day Folder 2016-2017

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me. I'm glad to help!

Surprises and Delights

Digging in to Character Traits

Young Scientists at Work

Upcoming Dates and Reminders:

  • August 29-September 23rd Fall MAP window
  • September 23- Family Flick on the Field
  • September 26th- SBDM 3:45
  • September 27th- Math and Reading PLCs 3:30-4:30/MAP Analysis Meeting
  • September 28th- Round 1 RTI Ends
  • September 28th- 1st grade field trip: Louisville Zoo
  • September 29th- Family Learning Night 5:30-7:00
  • September 30th- Professional Development Day
  • FALL BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oct 3-7!!!