All About Protiens

Complex organic macromolecules composed of amino acid chains

What do protiens do?

They contribute to growth and development!

Help your body repair its self

It is 1/5 of your total body weight!

It is in all tissues and organs.

Act as enzymes, hormones, and antibodies.

As well as a fluid balance.

Your body breaks the protien down into amino acids which effect your insulin and muscle absorption!

Sources of Protien!

You can find protien in meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, dry beans, nuts, vegtables, and grains!

More About Proteins

Protiens are essential in your body functioning

Repairs your body

Organs and tissues all have them

The next most important thing beside water

Incomplete and complete proteins (Plants & Animals)

Eggs are a source of protein

Need to get 10 to 35% of calories from protein in all ages

Super helpful to your everyday life and body (:

Too Little Protein & Too Much Protein

When you don't get enough protein, your body will start breaking down muscle to get what it needs. Your organs and bones are also at risk. You may also suffer from compromised immune function if you don't get enough protein, and you may feel easily fatigued without the energy to carry out your daily activities and exercise

Too much protein can result in the extra amount being stored as fat and can lead to overworking the body.

Interesting Facts About Protein!

Teens need 10 to 30% of their calories from Protiens!

There is Protein in every cell of the body!

The lifespan of most Proteins is 2 days or less!


Food for Today!

By Katie Wigington 4B