The Skull

By: Gracie Alexander

One doesn't think about what forms their facial features. All physical features are totally different. However, one's skull protects the facial features and the sense organs. Basically inside one's skull it functions the same, but the outside or appearance is different. One's appearance or gender can be determined by the skull.


One's skull grows when they age, along with their appearance changes. The part of a person's face that changes the most from age are the cheekbones. As someone ages the central part of their face changes for the most part. The muscles, fat and skin attatched to your bones bunch together over time. When the bones bunch together it is practically one's skull growing. People's appearances all look differently, but they change and grow the same exact way. ("How Our Skull Changes with Age and Makes Us Look Older" 1)

Growing of the Skull

A person's skull protects all of the facial features. However, as one ages their skull changes along with their features. A human has skin attached to their skull. The skin grows as well as the bones in the skull. One's skin bunches together and grows and grows. When someone gets older the fat or the skin bunches together more and more. Until a person reaches a certain age the bones/skin doesn't stop growing. Scientists have lots of explanations on how and when the skull grows. ("How Our Skull Changes with Age and Makes Us Look Older" 1)


Scientists can tell your gender with just running a test. Males appear to have heavier, thicker skulls. Therefore, the women have more thin, light skulls. Another way scientists tell gender apart is a person's orbits also known as the eye sockets. Females tend to have more of a sharp border around their eye sockets. As for the males they tend to have more of a round, blunter shape around the edge of the orbits. The facial features and physical features help the scientists can tell the gender apart one from the other. Scientists have infinite solutions to tell the difference in one's gender just by their skull. ("Determining Gender from the Cranium" 1)
Scientist's tests can tell gender, race, appearance and more just by the press of a button. Thus it is safe to say scientists can determine things just by the fellow person's skull. Scientists are running tests and researching on peoples skull's today. The tests include findings on babies' genders and even one's features, just by running a simple test. How would the generation today be affected without these simple little tests?

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