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cinderella vs yeh-shen



Cinderella wanted to go to the ball. but her stepmother said no! So her fairy godmother came and helped her! So she went and it struck midnight and remembered what her fairy godmother told her" don't stay past midnight ore you will lose everything!" so she ran and lost a slipper. the next morning they tried to fit the shoe on everybody and it only fit Cinderella!


once there was a girl named yeh-shen she had a fish and her mom murdered it. then she learned that the bones were magical and it took her to the festival and she married the prince soon after when she tried on the shoe!

difrices and simalarites

-yeh-shen is in china.

-Cinderella is in America

-yeh-shen has a festival and Cinderella has a ball

-they both get married to prince

-they are both fairytales

-they both are beutiful

I like Cinderella better because its in Amarica