The Disappearance Of Flight 19

By: Dylan Safai 1/6/16 Period 2

Background information on The Bermuda Triangle

Driving Question:How can I create a presentation to inform people about the dangers of the Bermuda Triangle and how it took Flight 19?

Over the past centuries, many ships and airplanes have disappeared or met with fatal accidents in the triangular area on Atlantic Ocean known as Bermuda Triangle. In several cases, no trace of the ships and aircraft were found even after thorough search operations were carried out for hundreds and thousands of square miles in the ocean. Such incidents of disappearances have been known since 1400s and have continued even in 21st century. While there are various explanations and theories behind such incidents, in many cases the incidents have remained unexplained.

I chose the topic of Flight 19 to show people how dangerous the Bermuda Triangle by choosing one specific topic to show that.

The Disappearance

One of the biggest and famous losses of US Military occurred in 1945. Five US Navy Avenger torpedo bombers flew from Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a sortie to the island of Bimini. The mission had 14 men. After about 90 minutes, the radio operators received a signal that the compass was not working. After that the communication was lost. The bombers were never found. The three planes that went for their rescue also disappeared.

The Search

Lt. Dave White of Hillsboro Beach, who was a Senior Flight Instructor at NASFL, remembers that fateful day, as he was playing bridge when he heard a knock on the door of his friend's house: “It was the duty officer, and he said all flight instructors were due at the hangar at 5 am because five planes were missing.” For the next three days, White, his assistant instructor and 20 of his students flew up and down the Florida coast at low altitudes, but they couldn't find a trace of the airmen or the wreckage. Today, he's convinced the planes rammed into rough seas about 60 miles east of Daytona Beach: “I don't think anybody got out of their planes at all. I don't think anybody survived.”

In my opinion I believe that the planes ran out of fuel and fell into the rough Bermuda seas. When the planes hit the water, I believe they blew to peices. Thats why they didn't find any wreckage.

Three of the Pilots

Here is A Map Of The Triangle

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This is a video about Flight 19

what happened to Flight 19 When it went to bermuda triangle