Pneumonia And Tendinitis

by Tanya and Litzy

General information for pneumonia

Is a common lung infection caused by bacteria, a virus , or fungi. Symptoms can differ from mild to severe. It's inflection that inflames air sacs in one or both lungs.

General information for tendinitis

Tendinitis is often confused with tendinosis, but it has the same symptoms but needs different treatment.

What body system does pneumonia affect?

Pneumonia affects the respiratory system.

What body system does tendinitis affect?

Tendinitis affects the musculo-system.

What organs of the body system does pneumonia affect the most?

Pneumonia affect the lungs, heart, kidneys.

What organs of the body system does tendinitis affect the most?

It causes swelling around muscles and bones, they occur most often in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, nee or ankle.

How do you get pneumonia?

If you get to cold you can get pneumonia.

How do you get tendinitis?

you can get it by causing a additional injury, if the inflammation continues without treatment. Surgery is often necessary of tendon rupture and for those patients who do not respond well to other treatments.

What are the treatments for pneumonia?

you can get a flu shot or, avoiding emotional stresses , smoking , cold temperature.

What are the treatments for tendinitis?

It is treated with a combination of rest, activity modification, heat and cold, medications and physical therapy, but it is not exactly clear which is the most effective.

Who is most likely to get pneumonia?

It can be life threatening to any age. From a baby to a really old person.

Who is more likely to get tendinitis?

Anybody can get it, but it's more common in adults, especially those over forty years of age.

Does pneumonia affect any other body systems?

It does not affect any other body systems.

Does tendinitis affect other body systems?

no, it does not affect other body systems.