Bill Russell

Induct him into the History Hall of Fame.

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First African American to Coach and Play the game

Bill Russell is arguably the greatest center in NBA history. He is probably not the best player of all time, nor is he the greatest coach of all time. But he was one of the most influential people to play the game. He was probably the first actual NBA legend to play the game. He is also famous for one record that has stood since he retired. He is the player with the most NBA championship rings of all time with eleven with thirteen years in the NBA. The only people who are within three of that are his teammates from that team.
NBA Career of Bill Russell

His Story

Bill Russell was born on Feb. 12, 1934. He had to overcome a lot of obstacles. Most of them were when he was young. His family had been living in poverty, in a segregated neighborhood. During this part of his life he experienced a lot of racism. But he started his basketball career when he went to a high school called McClymonds High School. This is where is coach George Powles encouraged him to develop his skills. He then played for USF (University of San Francisco) where he won a college basketball title.

The Greats Bill Russell played

Changing The game for the Better

During the year of 1967 Bill Russell was hired as a coach, but he was different than any coach in NBA history. He was the first and only NBA player/coach. He coached and played the game at the same time.
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The Inspiration: Statue

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