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The characteristics of my planet are liquid water, producers, plate tectonics, and volcanoes. The sun in this solar system is a Blue star. Piperanium is exactly 71 AU, or astronomical units, away from Burnie, the star of Piperanium. Piperanium is a very green grassy planet with a lot of trees and natural life. This is because there are not a lot of humans of Piperanium. However all of these organisms had to adapt to the extreme seasons on this planet, this includes all of the producers on Piperanium too. Piperanium is not a very old planet and there has not been enough time to pass for humans to over-populate, and this is why the planet is so green.


Piperanium does have a moon. In fact, Piperanium has 2 moons. These moons are called Candilious and Edtopia. Candilious and Edtopia are the same size and mass, and orbit around Piperanium at the same speed, but about .5 AU apart. Since there are two moons, the tides on Piperanium are very extreme. When both moons are above land, there are very high tides, and when the moons are above the two main oceans, the tides are very low.


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There are many different producers on my planet just like Earth. In fact, the producers here on Piperanium have the same job as the producers on Earth. They breath in Carbon Dioxide and breath out Oxygen. This process creates our ozone layer. Also, the producers are the bottom of the food chain and allow every organism above the producers to stay alive. Without these producers life on Piperanium would not be thriving as it is today. In fact, all living life would die off from lack of food and oxygen.


Piperanium has a very severe axial tilt. Piperanium has an axial tilt of exactly 85°. This severe angle causes seasons on my planet to be very harsh. Winters here are very cold and Summers here are very warm. If you were at the North Pole all year round, Winter would be fairly cold, Spring would have a decent amount of sunlight, Summer would get a lot of warmth, and Fall would be mostly chilly. When staying on Piperanium make sure to pack your bathing suit and woolen coats!
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Piperanium is approximately 10 times the mass of Earth. This means that there is more gravity here than on Earth. This means that you would weigh a little bit more here on Piperanium than on Earth and there would be a bigger gravitational pull on everything in the atmosphere.