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Bo intro

Bo Jackson was born November 30, 1962 in Bessemer Alabama. You might know him as

the running back for the Los Angeles Raiders.

Bo's childhood

About Bo

As a kid Bo got into fights that led to Bo's mom calling him his kid nick name

warthog. Bo Jackson's high school was Mc Calla [Al] Mc Adory. Bo Jackson is the

8th kid out of 10 that is Bo Jackson childhood look at adult for more.

Bo as a adult

This is where we talk about my favorite part of the story his sports. Bo played baseball

for the New York Yankees from 1982-1986. Then Bo went to the Kansas city royals from

1986-1990. Then the great Bo Jackson went the Chicago White Sox from 1991-1993. Only

two years he played that time.Last but not least the California Angels in 1994 Bo has played

Baseball for a while.But now he start playing football for the LA Raiders from 1982.

Where to go to find Bo

These days you find Bo as the ambassador of the White Sox.Bo also live's in

Suburban Chicago and other than that you will find him at his house in Suburban

with his 3 kids Morgan Jackson ,Nicholas Jackson and Garrett Jackson and his wife

Linda Jackson.

things you did not about Bo

.Bo Jackson was the only football and baseball and be a allstar in both football and baseball.

.Bo Jackson real name is Vincent Edward.

.Bo jackson was in many tv shows like Married with Children,Fresh Prince of Bel Air and

the chamber.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air vs Bo Jackson
Married With Children, Roy Jones, and Bo Jackson Predict the Future - Bruce Jenner
The Chamber

Bo highlights