Civil Rights Music

50s and 60s

Oh Freedom - Golden Gospel Singers

The message of this sing is trying to convey to the audience is that they want be slaves until they are in their grave and when they are in their grave they will be the lords slave and even when they are his slaves he will let them be free.

The audience they this song is singing to is every single person in the world.

The tome or mood of this song is more of an upbeat or uplifting tone or mood.

I think the reason the golden gospel singers chose to sing this song is because they felt they no one should succumb to being anyone's slave and if they need to say something or stand up they should say they will be that persons slave when they are in their grave.

The Eason I chose this sing is because I thought it would fit nice in the civil rights era.

Vietnam song - Like a Rollin Stone - Bob Dylan

I think the message of this song is that even when you think you are in top of the world you should act like your better than everyone else you should respect the little guy, because even though you are in top now that old saying is still in effect " what goes up must come down "

The audience of this song is the people that think they are on top of the world and that think they are better then everyone else, and those people they actually were but now they are like everyone else that they thought they were above they are the unknowns.

The tone or mood of this song is a haha mood, you thought you were better then me be really you are just like me no better no worst.

I think the reason he chose to write this song is because he had people like that nice around him or he knew people like that and they ended up not being any better then him.

I chose this song because bob Dylan was familiar to me and I've her his music before.