Create Quick & Easy Flyers


Smore is a free service that you can use to create flyers to share information. These flyers are easy to make. You can drag and drop in the items you want on your flyer, such as text, video, audio, images, etc. Flyers are also easy to share; they are printable, embeddable, or can be emailed. To get started, go to the Smore site and create a free account.

This WWW information you are receiving has been created using Smore.

Smore product video


Use Smore to:

  • Organize content for a lesson (possible option if you are flipping your classroom)
  • Have your students create a Smore for a class project
  • Create a Smore to organize a project/assignment, that you can embed into you classroom website
  • Promote an upcoming event
  • Create a flyer for a club, sports team, PTA event, etc.
  • Use Smore to make a class or department newsletter
  • Make posters to display in your classroom (Smores are easily printable).

Making a Smore:

1. Create a Free Account
2. Click on
3. Select a Title & Subtitle, then you can start adding other content to your flyer such as text, pictures, videos links to other websites etc.

4. Select the style, background and text for your flyer.
5. When you are finished adding content to your flyer, share the flyer. You can email the form right to people from within the Smore site. Also, if you click on the Embed button, you will get a link that you can share or the embed code to put the flyer on your website, blog, etc.