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Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Direction - Billionaire Dr John Sperling

Five internationally known and respected leadership scholars offered their reviews of the Dr. Haller's groundbreaking leadership and entrepreneurship research and his findings including: Dr. Ken Blanchard, Dr. John Kotter, Professor Jim Kouzes, Dr. Paul Stoltz, and Dr. Meg Wheatley.

Doctor. Haller's groundbreakine Regenerative Leadership Institute and entrepreneurship research was been recently published by the important German firm, VDM Verlag Doctor Muller AG & CoKG.

Dr. Sperling was the founder and initial Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, of the Apollo Group, Inc., and is currently the Chairman and Director. Apollo Group, Inc. owns and operates the University of Phoenix and lots of other schools. Billionaire Dr. John Sperling was interviewed at his house in San Francisco, California.

John Sperling was born in poverty within the Ozarks. As a young child John suffered physical injury, psychological trauma, and was raised in a home where his parents were constantly fighting. John candidly remarked he was regularly abused by his derelict father. If fact, when John's father died (when he was just 15 years old), John stated he was "very happy." Doctor. Sperling said of his dad's departure, "It was the best day of my life." John overcame his early adversity, as well as impossible odds and facing multiple battles in his protracted and successful entrepreneurial journey.

Professor John Sperling saw major unfulfilled educational (and ) business opportunities that the conventional academic community was ignoring. He attempted to work within the present university system, but after meeting recurrent resistance, Dr. Sperling literally walked away from his place as a professor at a leading public university to pursue his entrepreneurial dream.

Dr. John Sperling's very successful entrepreneurial venture, University of Phoenix, was challenged on quite a few fronts because the University of Phoenix was a "forprofit" University, which the regulators considered it was educational heresy, immoral, and thought should be illegal. Sperling needed to battle every educational and other regulatory body that his vehement enemies could start against him. Dr. Sperling summed up the long list of those attacking him and the University of Phoenix, as everyone from every where, "including two regional accrediting agencies, the state legislatures in both in California and Arizona, the FBI, and various law enforcement agencies, plus multiple civil and criminal law suits." While the journey was challenging for John, the University of Phoenix and the Apollo Group disproved their false charges, finally won the various battles, and was successful in each of the law suits.

Initially, Dr. Sperling used his fledgling business, the University of Phoenix (and it's precursor) to help other well-recognized, traditional, "old school" Universities to efficiently make and cultivate intrapreneuring ventures in adult school end program for working adults, including bachelor's degrees.

After relocating his firm to Arizona, and creating the University of Phoenix, Sperling started to concentrate his companies' efforts into constructing their own brand in company bachelors' and masters' degrees, and other degree completion programs for adults. The University of Phoenix's now has a total selection of academic programs, including several Doctoral programs.
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