Eating Disorders

Big is Beautiful!

What It Is Like To Have A Eating Disorder?

Some people in the media today, either are skinny or try to be. Most celebrities are trying everything they can to be the perfect role models for everyone. But they are all beautiful anyway on the inside and out! The number one celebrity that had a eating disorder is Demi Lovato. She went into rehab, but she did not have to because she had amazing curves but the media made her seem to big.

Anorexia and Obesity!

Anorexia is where you dont eat at all or very little food. It ruins peoples self-asteam which is horrible. The media do this perfectly because they can damage your self confidence just by one tabloid front page cover. Obesity is where you eat none stop or way over the suggested limit. 4 out of 10 Americans have either suffered have known someone with a eating disorder. Which is such a big number considering that America is huge. It is very horrible to see peoples  confidence drop within seconds of the press. Why do we try to back the celebrities down?