Black Veil Brides

Erika Arias

What do you think about Black Veil Brides?

How do you feel about rock? Do you think it's gay? emo? or even santanic?. Well your wrong and I can prove it just telling you about one band.

This one band has made rock n' roll history, have made an entire army of fans, and giving them no fear of expressing or being themselves.They gave the teenagers who feel alone,hated, thinking their is not even a reason to keep on breathing. They are five men of a rock band, but for us they are five heroes. Their names are Andy Biersack,Ashley Purdy,Christian Coma(CC),Jinxx, and Jake PItts, but together they are Black Veil Brides.

We Never Give In

You might think that were some dumb, worthlest teenagers that have no life what's so ever,but go ahead we don't mind because we know that we are not that. We know who we are, so you can go ahead and lable us because we are the Fallen Angels of the Black veil Brides Army and we NEVER give in.