The 5th grade STAR

Walk in Faith with Mercy and Grace

News to Know....for the week of May 2, 2016

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS MAY ALREADY??? I have only 7 weeks left with this wonderful group of kids... :(

OUR TRIP TO RILEY'S FARM IS WEDNESDAY! I will determine the carpools and let you know what parent your child is riding with. We hope to be back at school by 3:30 at the latest. If there is anything that is delaying our ETA significantly, I will contact Mrs. Lopez in the office. If we arrive back well before 3:30 and a parent isn't here to pick up their child yet, the driver chaperone will stay with the kids until you arrive. At 3:30 though, any students whose parents have not arrived will be taken to daycare.

Don't forget, if you want bakery items you should order them by tonight (Monday) to ensure that you get what you want. They only make a certain amount of baked goods each night to sell. Please print out the receipt and send to school with your child.

Students should wear jeans (no leggings) and tennis shoes (no boots, sandals, etc.) They should bring a light jacket. The forecast looks good - high 60's predicted right now - so a heavy jacket or other outerwear shouldn't be necessary.

Students only have one thing for homework on Wednesday night - a field trip follow up. I will explain it to the kids, but here are the instructions.

HW: Write two or three facts you learned about each station we went to today. Write the station name and then you may bullet the facts underneath. If you don't remember the station name, you may find the formal names on the Riley's Farm website (look under "Living History" then "Revolutionary War" and click "Itinerary") Otherwise, you can just make up titles that fit the stations.

Then write an opinion paragraph about the whole day. Remember to use paragraph rules for your opinion paragraph.



May 2 - Nick G.

May 4 - Scott

May 5 - Kyle

What We're Learning

RELIGION: Family Life - God's Gift of Community (this is the last unit)

LITERATURE: Basal reader - selections about causes of American Revolution. We'll be starting our last novel, Tuck Everlasting, next week!
GRAMMAR: Verbs unit continues - quiz this week - finally!

MATH: We're taking a break from fractions for the week and working on Order of Operations. Students have a curriculum guide sheet. Students who want to retake their test from last week may do so after this week. If you need further instruction, you need to make arrangements to see me before/after school. No further instructional lessons will be done in class. We will have one review session before school (day TBD). We'll be moving onto multiplying and dividing fractions next.

SCIENCE: Discovery Ed. lessons continue

SOCIAL STUDIES: Causes of the American Revolution webquest

GEOGRAPHY: Mountain States quiz - Tuesday; Pacific states quiz - Friday

Entire US states test (locations/capitals) will be Friday, May 13th. We did an entire US map review game this week - Kids are doing better on remembering all the locations but need a lot of work on the capitals. Most students have been doing great on the regional quizzes, but I don't want them to have a false of preparedness for the final test - remembering all 50 isn't as easy unless you review every day.

Altar Serving Schedule:

Tuesday 5/3: Ethan

Thursday 5/5: Joanna, Kyle

Need to Contact Me?

I'm available before school (except Thursdays) or after school for kids who need help on assignments or need extra help with skills/concepts we're learning.

"Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God." (Micah 6:8)