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Over the next two weeks, we will transition from our drama unit to our expository/informational text unit. During our study of a drama, students will practice making inferences and drawing conclusions about the structure and elements of drama and provide evidence from text to support their understanding. We will use "The Prince and The Pauper" as our main text for this unit. There will be a quiz over "The Prince and The Pauper"/drama elements on Friday, January 19th.

During our expository/informational unit, students will explore various topics from the SuperCroc to Mt. Vesuvius while practice deconstructing the text for important expository elements: main idea, supporting details, thesis, text structure, etc.

Lyssa Broach- lbroach@melissaisd.org

Reading Honors

In Honors Reading, we are currently halfway through our drama unit. In addition to reading with expression, students are practicing making inferences and drawing conclusions about the structure and elements of drama. An adaptation of Mark Twain's "The Prince & The Pauper" is our main text for this unit. There will be a quiz of elements of drama on Friday, January 19th.

As we move out of drama, we will transition into our expository/informational unit during the week of the 22nd. Students will explore various topics, such as the SuperCroc and Mr. Vesuvius. We will focus on deconstructing expository texts and being able to identify important elements: main idea, supporting details, thesis, and text structure.

Taylor Durham


Social Studies

Over the next few weeks, 6th grade Social Studies will be taking an in-depth look at Latin America. We will kick off the week of 1/16 with our 9 weeks exam. Students have completed their review guide in class and will have that available to help them study. On Wednesday, we will begin analyzing the geographic make-up of Latin America. Following our unit of the geography of Latin America, we will look closely at it's economic development. We will introduce and expand upon concepts like Gross Domestic Product, infant mortality rate and other factors that reveal a countries level of economic development. Finally, we will rap up our unit on Latin America by analyzing the sources of conflict and cooperation in the Amazon Rainforest


January 11, 2018

Welcome back!

Benchmark tests were given before Christmas Break and we now have all of the results calculated. We are thrilled with the results. Over 90% of our sixth graders scored at or above the “Approaches Grade Level” mark. This is an excellent result at the midpoint of the school year. Based on the Benchmark results and the results of the upcoming Nine Weeks Assessment, we will be starting up tutorials groups beginning in the third nine weeks. More information will go home after next week.

As always, please encourage your student to attend tutorials before or after school if they need extra ehlp or to retake a test. If you have any questions or concerns, please email your student’s teacher and we will respond at our earliest convenience.

Here are the upcoming events in math:

January 15-19

Monday – No school

Tuesday – Nine weeks test review

Wednesday – 2nd Nine Weeks Assessment

Thursday - 2nd Nine Weeks Assessment

Friday - 2nd Nine Weeks Assessment Corrections

January 22-26

Monday – Graphing on the Coordinate Plane

Tuesday – Independent/Dependent Variables in Table and Graphs

Wednesday – Independent/Dependent Variables in Table and Graphs

Thursday - Writing Equations from a Table

Friday - Representing Algebraic Relationships in Tables and Graphs ; Daily Grade (Weekly Warm-up)

Math Honors

Welcome back after the Holiday break! We have begun a new unit over probability. The students seem to really enjoy this unit. Next week will take a break from Probability to wrap up the second nine weeks and we will be taking our nine weeks exam. The test will include information from first and second nine weeks. After exams we will continue our probability unit and begin looking at compound probability and making predictions and inferences. We will complete the probability unit on 1/29-1/30.

If you have any questions or concerns please email your child's teacher and we will get back with you quickly. Be sure to check out the 7th grade math website. The notes we take in class will be linked there.

Debbie Duguid- dduguid@melissaisd.org

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December 11, 2017

Students will finish off Quarter 2 answering the question: What makes a sentence, a sentence? We will review our knowledge on Prepositional Phrases and explore the different types of Verbs- action, linking, & helping verbs. They will complete their Quarter 2 Test on Tuesday, January 16. Students will be able to use their journal to complete this test. Afterwards, we will continue learning about Expository and Informational texts.

Quarter 2 Test, 1/16- Phonics, Grammar, and Expository


January 12, 2018

With the beginning of a new year brings new science concepts to learn. We have spent the first week of 2018 exploring potential and kinetic energy. Students enjoyed the Rubber Band activity to demonstrate and understand how potential energy changes into kinetic energy.

Students will begin next week with the 2nd Nine Weeks Assessment. Students were given a study guide for this assessment. This study guide lists the TEKS that will tested as well as important vocabulary and graphics. The 2nd Nine Weeks Assessment is cumulative and will include all units covered since the beginning of the school year. Next will also include discussion of inclined planes as well as constructing inclined planes.

The week of January 22 we will begin a unit on balanced and unbalanced forces. Look for vocabulary words such as force, direction, speed and positon.

We are off to great start at the beginning of 2018!

Kisha Maurer –kishamaurer@melissaisd.org

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