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Published Friday, May 8th, 2020

Finish Strong - You've Got This!

Several teachers are reporting 90-100% student engagement during this time of Learning from home!!! so much to celebrate!!
Wish Well School Family May 8
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This week was Teacher Appreciation week! Usually our PACE group provides our Teachers with a nice treat or surprise throughout this week. Maybe the smell of popcorn runs through the halls, or a piece of delicious chocolate. Sometimes a potluck from our parents and the cute cards from our students. This year, much like everything else currently, It is silent. There are no footsteps in the halls, no delivery of food, no homemade cards, no stickers, nothing but silence. Yet, as we sit in silence I know that our Teachers brains are busy in thought. Busy wondering about their students, if they need help with work, if they will be okay, if they want a hug (because we do), Is there too much or too little work, are mom and dad doing okay, do they have food, do they miss their friends or do they hear silence..?

Teachers....We are so thankful for your service each and every day. We thank you for being our students support 8 hours a day while we are providing for our families. We THANK you for your time, talent and dedication to the job of teaching our future. We thank you for always giving your best even on your own personal worst days, putting on a smile no matter what you have going on. We thank you for teaching our students how to be thoughtful to others, learn responsibility and rise up to the challenge everyday. Thank you for teaching leaders, followers and some who are still trying to find where they fit. Thank you Teachers for being you!

Thank you for all you do, and are doing, to make a difference in our students lives!!

In these unprecedented times, your patience, caring and understanding are being taken to an all new level! You are all the best!! - Deb Zais & Lunch Ladies

I have 3 kids that have gone through Cadott, with my youngest to graduate high school this year! Each and everyone of you have had an enormous impact on all of my kids and all our students here at Cadott. Even if you didn't have my kids in class you still impacted them in some way. Being a teacher is a 24/7 job. I am not sure how you can take care of your students and then, for many of you, go home and take care of your families. You give the best of yourself to see our kids succeed. Thank you so much for all the compassion, patience, kindness, countless hours, positivity, enthusiasm and so much more!

Most of all thank you for believing in my kids and all the students here at Cadott. -Rhonda Pederson

Our 3 children went through Cadott schools and are doing very well in their

occupation.One is enjoying being a teacher!! The other 2 are in the medical field.

Thank You ALL!!! - Brian Geissler

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Lett-us Celebrate! School Lunch Hero Day!

Who needs a cape when you can wear an apron!

I know many parents are loving this extended time at home with their children, Right!? Who knew your child could get hangry! Our Lunch leader Deb Zais and crew have been amazing! Lets roll back the memories from when life was "normal". Deb and her crew put together the best lunches. I remember as a kid hoping and praying for mac and cheese, but our current students get so much more than square pizza and chicken tenders. A few times this year students got chicken with a BONE in it, glazed or breaded, mash potatoes, gravy, veggies, salad bar, homemade bun.... One of my favorite meals! The Asian cuisine was to die for and during special events we were all blessed with a little extra treat of something sweet. Now fast forward to our current day and our lunch staff is preparing over 500 meals for our students during the COVID-19 shutdown. Deb and The Crew have been the heart and soul of the school. Keeping our students fed while away from school. Preparing or packing lunches and breakfast to keep our students full and happy. THANK YOU to Deb and The Crew for doing a great job for our families in the district and keeping our students happy and not hangry :)

Thank You's from Staff and Families

- Many of the students have mentioned that they are excited for the meal bus to come each day.

- My students LOVE the lunch deliveries!!! So do the parents!

- Thank you so much for all your dedication and selfless efforts! It is appreciated by all!

- Thank you for all that you do. I know that the families I talk to really appreciate the lunches!

- Thank you all for your hard work and for dedicating so much time to take care of our students' needs!

- Every single family that I have talked with tells me excited the kids are to get their lunches. It is a highlight of their day!

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School Nurse Appreciation Day

This week we also celebrated one staff member who has worked so diligently this year to keep our students safe, happy and healthy. Our School Nurse, Jessica Hager. Everyday she enters our building with a smile on her face ready to take on whatever challenges come her way. As the poem below states, Band aids, Ice packs, or even an ear to listen. She is never anything less than amazing! Most recently her role in our district became a leading role as the Pandemic changed our lives in what felt like "over night". Nurse Hager again showed her dedication, leadership and above all caring heart to make sure the needs of our students, staff and community where taken care of and instilled a sense of calmness during what could have been a very chaotic time.

Nurse Hager, Thank you for all that you do every day for our students!

Specials Corner

Cadott Families -

We hope that this week finds you and your family doing well! We are excited to provide you with more ideas and examples to keep you singing, creating, and moving. We are thankful for your feedback and the pictures that have been shared with us. This warms our hearts! We are always excited to hear what enrichment activities our families have been doing, and we like to share these out, as well!

This week, Mr. Yeager is providing a video that will help you create artwork to increase activity time. It’s always fun when we find ways to bring different enrichment activities together. Don’t forget, if you missed any of the past activities you can always look back by using the “Previous Weeks-Quick Link.”

Mrs. Grossinger is loving this beautiful spring weather - so we are taking music class outside this week! On my weekly video, I did a quick rhythm review and demonstrated how you can create rhythms outside. Get outside and have some fun creating - I’d love to see some pictures of the rhythms you create! Keep on making music and sharing joy with those around you!!

Mrs. Palmer really misses drawing with each of you! This week I put together a draw along video of a fox. Draw along with me or practice drawing on your own. If you want to try something new go outside and grab a stick. Practice drawing in the dirt or sand!

Don’t forget these activities will help you stay healthy and focused. They will help you to do better in all subjects you’re studying. We look forward to continued interactions with you. Seeing pictures of you being active and having fun brings us a lot of joy. Remember to stay respectful, humble, and empathetic each and every day!

Lion's Club Donates Tree's

The Lion’s Club donates trees to 4th graders each school year. This year was no exception and they did not want our 4th graders to miss out on this opportunity due to Covid19. The trees were sent on busses with the lunches to each 4th grader, and then a message was sent that they could also be picked up at the school. One 4th grader, Saffron, planted her tree and named it Spruce. Thank you, Cadott Lions for your amazing effort with our 4th graders. We appreciate all that you do.

Kindergarten's Ocean Unit

Clayten working on his jellyfish math activity:

Hailey showing us her creative craft:

Vanessa sharing her jellyfish craft:

Way to go, kindergartners! Keep up the amazing work! We are so proud of you! We miss you! ️

May the 4th be with you

One of Ms.Strzyzewski's third grade students, Tyler Woratschka, sent her this awesome picture of Darth Vader because they are both avid Star Wars fans.

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What have our students been up to?

Counselor's Connection

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More in our 1-2-3 Magic Parenting Series!

Experiencing more sibling rivalry during the Stay-at-Home orders? Click on the link below to hear child psychologist Dr. Phelan give parents tips on how to reduce sibling rivalry while we're home together, and how to deal with it calmly and effectively.
Sibling Rivalry and Social Distancing

Nurses Notes

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Psych Bites from Ms. Williams

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We will miss you this year, But are excited to see you next year!