Missouri Compromise of 1820

By: Cole Herrington

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The Missouri Compromise was when Missouri applied for statehood but wanted to be a slave state. This would have unbalanced the free states to slave states so Congress made Maine a free state. During this Compromise, the 36 30 line was made so that no states above that line of latitude could become slave states, which also played a large role during the Compromise of 1850. The 36, 30 line was later repealed by the Kansas Nebraska Act, 4 years after the Compromise of 1850.

Key Points

  • Made Missouri a slave state
  • Made Maine a free state
  • 36 30 line
  • 1820

The Missouri Compromise and The Compromise of 1850

These two events in history were alike because they both balanced the free to slave states and referred to the 36 30 line.
The Missouri Compromise 1820