The Mirror Pick

A new way to pick you clothes

Why should you buy the Mirror Pick

Buy the new Mirror pick it is really good at picking your clothes. You will be able to make it speak to you like hey or what will you wear today. Have you ever felt like you don't ant to change into like 5 different pairs into clothes well know you don't have to. If you get this item it is not just a mirror it is a whole new thing in life it would help people picking there clothes faster. You can pick any style you want but make sure you have the clothes. Buy it at your local Walmart it is only $799 but you will get it at $699 if you are 25 and older. If you have this amazing item for 1 year and it breaks you will get another one for free. Did you know that the battery level last to 2 years. Would you life to be shipped to you OK call 419-943-0234. Would you guys like if we made it for like music to?
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