London Under the Scope

A Rooster's Trip to the U.K.

The National Gallery

The National Gallery is an art gallery that includes art from the medieval age to the nineteenth century. It was founded in 1824 and has a collection of over 2300 pieces of artwork. It’s grandiose architecture catches the eye and begs to be explored. Some notable artists featured are Da Vinci, Gainsborough, and Van Gogh. Admission is free and the Gallery is open to the public.

The Tower of London

The Tower has a history of death and violence but is now used as an attraction to bring your family to! The Tower has an over 900-year history ripe with intrigue and royalty. Also, it is a zoo. An ex-prison zoo. The Crown Jewels have been added recently to the attraction as well. Admission is 19.50 for adults.

The Museum of Science

The Science Museum has exhibits for the major scientific advantages of the past 300 years. It is the most visited technology museum in all of Europe. Certain exhibits include the Apollo 10 capsule and an IMAX 3D theatre! A place to expand the mind without spending a dime! Admission is free.

The National History Museum

The National History Museum is a place to discover the remnants and mysteries of the past! Exhibits of note include the Dinosaur exhibit and the Blue Whale skeleton! Admission is free, but some special exhibitions require tickets.
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Camden Pub Crawl

7 hours of pub-crawlin' ACTION!

Admission is 15.95 USD.