Bryson Fernandis

Mrs. Richhard`s 5th grade 2015

my strengths and weaknesse

  1. my strengths are math and science .these are my strengths because i am doing better in that class. my weaknesses are l.a and s.s i have the lowest grade in that.

Goals for this year

my L.A goals is to get better at L.A i will work on this by next week my S.S goal is to work s goal is to get even more better math goals are to stude more

personal goal

my personal goal for this year is to make a lot of friends i will work on this by talk to more people . another goal i have is to get the all a's and to reach this goal by learn more.

who can help me

one person who can help me reach this goal is my mom and my dad i will work on this by they can help me because they help me study

what might distract me

some thing that can distract me from reach my goal is loud nose . one way i can keep focuses from distracting me is different seat .