April Showers Bring May Flowers

April 2016

Spring is finally here!

WInter is finally gone! The suns shining bright and the weather is gettring wamrer. This newsletter has many good ideas and tips for you to follow and do with your child. I hope you enjoy!

Time to play outside


Since there is no snow on the ground and its gotten a lot warmer and the sun is out its time to go back outside and have fun! The area of Development I am going to be focusing on in this article is the physical part because this is a great time for children to get out and work their big muscles and their small muscles a very fun activity that uses both of these skills is Hopscotch! have the child help draw the squares this helps their hand-eye coordination and works their fingers and wrists. By the child tossing the stone and jumping on one foot this helps them work their big muscles and help them improve those large muscle skills.

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