Leota Library Update

All the cool stuff at the Leota Library

Happy Fall!

So much has happened in the library during October, and it's hard to believe we're into November. Library orientations wrapped up with all ELA classes, and we've started on Evergreen and Young Reader's Choice book talks. Social Studies classes came in for Digital Citizenship, and now we're moving into Database and Website Evaluation. Even some Science classes came through to research endangered animals!

If you'd like to schedule time for your class, please send me an email or come by the library. I'd love to fit your class in for a lesson or research.

"I can't remember the title, but the cover was RED!"

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Website Update

The library website has undergone a few changes in the last few weeks. The main library site (https://leota.nsd.org/academics/library), includes staff, hours, and some basic library information. To access databases, click on Classroom Connections (green button across the top). This will take you to the customized Leota Library site. The main page includes basic library information, and more links like Request a Book and Get a Book Recommendation. The top right corner has links to Databases and their passwords for home use (you must be logged into your school Google account to access the password page). Classroom Connections are separate pages for specific projects for specific classes or teachers. These pages include links and research tips that are just for those projects. If you would like something for your class added, let me know. We can design something to fit just about any request.

This version of the Leota Library site will be updated and customized as new projects are added and other resources become available. Check back often to see what's new!

Other Library News

Research Opportunities for Everyone

Sixth and seventh graders have been researching! Sixth graders were introduced to the available databases from both the Leota Library website and their KCLS school account. They've also created a works cited list in Noodletools. Seventh graders are learning how to evaluate a website and why Wikipedia isn't an acceptable research source.

These skills can help students across all subject areas! Research can be done through any department, and library lessons can be tailored to your class needs.

Want to have your class research in the library? I can help! Let me know what you need, and we'll create a lesson to take your students to the next level in research.

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Evergreen and Young Reader's Choice Book Awards

Sixth graders are reading titles from the Young Reader's Choice book list, and seventh and eighth graders are reading titles from the Evergreen Book Award list. With action, adventure, mystery and more and ranging from non-fiction to graphic novels, there's something for everyone on these lists.

Students can read at least two titles from their list and vote on the one they liked best in the spring. Our school totals will be sent in to help decide the state winner for both awards.

Want to know more about these books? Check out the Young Reader's Choice and Evergreen pages on the Leota Library website!

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Small but Mighty Makerspace!

We have a small but very active Makerspace corner in the library.These kids come before school and during PAWS to design and create new structures. Whether they're following the suggested designs or creating something brand new, they're using teamwork to get the job done!

Digital Citizenship Update

Part of the Northshore Curriculum includes two digital citizenship lessons for each student per year. Through the Social Studies department, classes meet in the library to learn how to be better consumers of information, be aware of benefits and dangers of talking online, and how your decisions today can affect your future.

6th grade: How is Your Digital Diet?--What are your personal media habits and how much time do your spend in front of a screen? Is your technology use "nutritious or junk"?

7th grade: Safe Online Talk--how to navigate talking with others online, keeping yourself safe, and what to do when something doesn't feel right.

8th grade: Trillion Dollar Footprint--what is your online footprint and how do others see you online? Future employers, schools and others can see many things about you online. Does your Digital Footprint represent how you want to be seen?