Nuclear Fusion

By Abigail Smits

A new discovery!

On December 10, 2015, our lab discovered how to use nuclear fusion as an energy source!

About the Lab

I am Abigail Smits and I work for the Sunny-Side Solar Discovery Lab. We work to discover more about the sun and other celestial bodies in space.

How Does Nuclear Fusion Produce Energy?

Nuclear fusion produces energy when atoms of hydrogen and helium fuse together. The energy radiates from the core of the sun. Nuclear fission is different, where atoms separate to make energy.

Using Nuclear Fusion

When we fuse atoms together like the sun, we can make energy too! But there are precautions. Some risks are radiation poisoning, and a chance of explosion.

Economic Impact

The economic impact is good because it can decrease our dependence on harmful fossil fuels. The only downside is that people could get hurt from being exposed to radiation, and explosions.